A Few Innocent Pictures

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The large house was silent except for the sound of Jennifer and Nicole’s footsteps on the tile floor. Everywhere they looked, elegant Christmas decorations adorned the walls. They turned into a lavish living room and saw a single occupant—a fellow teacher named Cheryl—sitting next to an eight foot Christmas tree.

“Oh, hi Cheryl,” Jennifer said. “Have you seen Claude?”

Cheryl was adjusting her makeup and hair, holding a small mirror in one hand. She used it to gesture behind her. “On the porch.”

“Thanks,” Jennifer replied.

She led the way, having been in the mansion before and instantly knew where Cheryl meant. She and Nicole travelled down one hallway, through an empty den, and into a spacious, glass enclosed porch.

Nicole was too busy taking in the luxurious surroundings to immediately capture what was going on. Then she saw it.

A middle-aged man was slowly circling a hot tub, holding a video camera in front of his face. In the tub, two women were about to embrace, only half of their bodies above water. They were both naked, with a pair of tiny red bikinis laying next to the tub.

The women were kissing before Nicole got around to actually looking at their faces. She nearly gasped out loud after recognizing them as a principal from one elementary school and a nurse from another. Their bodies came together, breasts compressing under the pressure and hands beginning to wander above and below the water line.

Jennifer glanced over at her friend, grinning at the look of surprise on Nicole’s face. Nicole seemed unable to take her eyes off the scene, with the naked women’s passion growing stronger and stronger and Claude continuing to capture it all on video.

The principal, Deborah, moaned as her partner, Jan, put her hand between Deborah’s legs and rubbed the swollen clit. Their tongues battled for space during a prolonged kiss.

“Lean back,” Jan said softly.

Deborah got as comfortable as she could on the seat encircling the inside of the hot tub. Jan leaned over her body, placing her face directly above Deborah’s tits. Nicole felt a powerful urge to leave the room, knowing she was about to witness an act she never thought she’d see. But an even stronger desire to watch came over her. She and Jennifer continued watching.

Jan was unhurried in her approach to Deborah’s breasts. She licked around them, pushed them up with her hands, and then, finally, put a nipple between her lips.

Swirling water lapped around both women as Jan kept on with her attention to Deborah’s chest. Deborah reached out to the sides with both arms and steadied herself on the tub’s railing. Jan’s ass rose above the water as she stretched out her legs, her feet pressed against the opposite side of the hot tub.

Claude moved in, then back, and from side to side for different, better angles.

“My God. I can’t believe this,” Nicole whispered.

“Isn’t it cool?” Jennifer replied. “Don’t you just want to jump in and join them?”

Nicole looked at her friend like she was crazy. She didn’t answer; just turned her eyes back to the hot tub.

What she saw shouldn’t have shocked her, but it did. Jan was licking her way down Deborah’s luscious body. Deborah dutifully lifted her stomach from under the water, and with the help of Jan’s hands under her ass, lifted her pussy until it was within reach of Jan’s lips.

Nicole thought back to what Jennifer had told her about Claude and what went on inside the house. ‘What harm can a few innocent pictures do?’ Jennifer had said. But this was way beyond just a few pictures. This was a video of one woman about to eat another, and who knew what else.

Deborah’s legs widened to allow Jan full access. Jan calmly licked her way up the pussy and stopped when she reached the clit. Her mouth engulfed it and Deborah arched her back with approval, letting out a moan heard plainly by Nicole and Jennifer.

A sudden splash of water did not deter Jan from her mission of slowly driving Deborah wild. All the while, Claude was getting it on video, an unmistakable bulge now appearing in the front of his pants. Nicole chided herself for permitting her own pussy to respond the way it did, as if she had any control over it.

Jan’s hand rose to one of Deborah’s tits, and the principal moaned even louder. Jan tugged on the nipple and bit on the swollen clit until Deborah’s body writhed in unrestrained twitches.

“Oh God. Yes! Yes!” Deborah cried out.

Soon, Deborah was clutching at Jan’s head as her orgasm began. Squeals of pleasure filled the porch as Deborah came again and again from the influence of Jan’s tongue, lips and fingers. For more than a minute, the hot tub was the scene of a pair of bodies thrashing about in splendid sex.


(Two weeks earlier)

“Tell me again who this pervert is?” Nicole asked her best friend.

“He’s not a pervert. He’s a professional photographer. His name’s Claude Arnault,” Jennifer said with a perfect French accent.

“Well, I’m not posing half naked for some guy I don’t know,” Nicole said.

“Nobody said kaçak iddaa you had to be half naked,” Jennifer tried to assure her. “Each year he takes pictures of any staff member who wants to pose for him before Christmas. He takes the best photos and turns them into a calendar that they can give as a gift. You can wear whatever you want as long as at least one item is Christmas red. It’ll be fun, Nicki.”

Then Jennifer added: “There’s got to be somebody you would like to tempt.”

“I’m not sure a long, red turtle neck sweater would be very tempting,” Nicole said. “But didn’t you say some of the women get kind of, uh, sexy.”

Jennifer laughed. “Sure. It’s part of the fun. We’ve had teachers in bikinis, but nothing obscene. Yet.”

“It’ll get us fired,” Nicole said with alarm.

“Nah. This guy’s legit and what harm can a few innocent pictures do?” Jennifer said.

She watched Nicole’s face for any sign of caving in.

“C’mon,” Jennifer pleaded.

Nicole winced. “Oh, OK. But I swear…”

“It’ll be fun,” Jennifer said as she hugged Nicole.

The two women, both in their early thirties, taught at a high school in rural Ohio. Jennifer was blonde, beautiful, and married. Nicole was brunette, equally attractive, and single by choice. Seemingly every single man she met and half the guys in the senior class wanted to marry her. Well, that may not have been the FIRST thing they wanted to do. But Nicole chose her dates carefully and would get around to marriage when she felt the time was right.

For now, she was more concerned with the consequences of posing for Claude. Despite Jennifer’s promise that there was nothing pornographic about it, Nicole wondered why the guy would do it otherwise. Her natural instinct was to be suspicious. Her seven year friendship with Jennifer was the only thing that gave her ANY reason to do it.

Nicole thought Jennifer would actually make a great model. She had long legs, full breasts, and a disgustingly tiny waist. She wore her blonde hair in a short, sexy, blow away style that turned heads any time they were out together.

Nicole’s low self esteem belied the fact that she, herself, had a decent, if not Jennifer-like, body. The additional five to ten pounds she had on Jennifer were distributed nicely, giving her a more girl-next-door look. She had been a unanimous choice among the other teachers for the calendar posing, her own vote not counting.

Jennifer, of course, took care of all the details as to the where, when, and how of the actual photo sessions. They would take place in the home of a friend who would be away for the weekend and was more than glad to have somebody around to watch the place, as long as they didn’t trash it.

“What did you decide to wear?” Nicole asked Jennifer the day before their appointment with Claude.

“I have two outfits,” she replied. “One is just a new, cute little top I bought…with jeans…and the other is, well, a little more daring.”

Nicole looked at her contemptuously.

Jennifer added: “I thought I’d wear a football jersey, a very large one, and maybe, you know, no jeans.”

“Damn you, Jen!” Nicole declared.

“Oh, quit being such a prude. How often do we get this chance?” Jennifer said. “I, for one, am going to enjoy myself. Wear a snowsuit and see if I care.”

Nicole laughed. “I just might. I’ll be Miss December.”


Jennifer tapped Nicole on the arm and silently motioned for her to follow Jennifer off the porch, back into the empty den.

“God, Jen. I can’t believe that,” Nicole said quietly.

Behind them, the sounds of Deborah taking Jan to the same heights she had just climbed could not be ignored.

“OK. So sometimes it gets a little out of hand,” Jennifer admitted. “But that was their choice. Sometimes the women want pictures or videos for their husbands, or boyfriends, or themselves.”

Nicole took a few seconds to let it all sink in. “You won’t be mad if I just agree to some pictures for the calendar?”

Jennifer shrugged off the question. “Of course I won’t be mad. You’ll do great and I love your outfit.”

Nicole had chosen a wrap-around sweater that normally called for a t-shirt or something under it, but in the spirit of the calendar, she went a little more revealing. Below that, tight jeans drew attention to her ample curves.

Jennifer was in her new red top and jeans, showing more of her breasts than Nicole had ever seen her expose before. She really was cute, Nicole admitted, and it didn’t help her inferiority complex.

“We better get back into the living room,” Jennifer said. “Don’t want to miss our turn.”

Five minutes later, Claude appeared and accompanied Cheryl out of the room. Nicole’s stomach tightened knowing she and Jennifer were next. Jennifer tried to keep up a conversation just to calm her friend’s nerves, but she knew it wasn’t working.

“Who are you going to give your pictures to?” Jennifer asked Nicole after a lull in the chat.

“I’ll probably burn them.”

Jennifer giggled. “C’mon. Lots of guys would love to see them. I kaçak bahis bet Tom Lemmon would pay for them.”

Her reference to one of Nicole’s most ardent ‘fans’ only resulted in a snicker from Nicole.

“How about you?” Nicole asked. “I bet Tony gets a few of you in the jersey; or out of the jersey.”

Jennifer grinned at Nicole’s reference to her husband and implied with her eyes that it was a possibility. Jennifer was a master flirt and knew her Italian husband was the same. The couple were not as close as Nicole may have thought they were, but Jennifer never risked seeing another man. Not that she hadn’t been tempted.

And today her mind was more likely to focus on the scene on the porch than anything else. Yes, she had noticed Claude and it caused a tingle deep in her stomach. But something about Deborah and Jan stuck with her. There was something sensual about the two women together. Something beyond a tingle.

Whether she would admit it or not, Nicole felt it too. It had been uncomfortable to watch, only because of the initial shock. But now, thinking back upon it from the living room, she couldn’t keep the image out of her brain. The naked women; the water; the sounds of sex.

Half an hour passed before Claude reappeared. Nicole didn’t know if her legs would hold her up as nervous as she was. As they walked, Claude asked, “Where do you want to pose? And are you together?”

Jennifer answered, “How about the master bedroom? It has the most gorgeous furniture in it. And no! We are not together.”

Claude chuckled. “C’est bien dommage. But your choice of rooms is excellent.”

They meandered down a long hallway and turned into a spacious suite that caused Nicole to stop and stare. The huge bed was only one element of a grand design. Ornate bed stands on either side were accompanied by potted palms. A long couch in early American style highlighted one wall. Two high-back wing chairs, with a fireplace between them, dominated another wall. The paintings were opulent and perfectly matched. The entire room oozed comfort and ‘old’ wealth.

“Wow,” Nicole said.

“Told you,” Jennifer said. “This is the best room in the house. If you can’t pose here, you’re in trouble.”

Her words reminded Nicole of why they were there, and her trepidation returned. Luckily, Claude was ready to take charge.

“So. Who’s first?” he asked.

Nicole glanced at Jennifer, who said, “I think you should just get it over with, Nicki. You go.”

Nicole couldn’t argue with the reasoning and was more than happy to fulfill her obligation and be done with it.

“OK,” she sighed.

“Is that what you are wearing?” Claude asked.

Nicole looked at him with alarm. “Is there anything wrong with it?”

Claude roared with laughter. “No. No. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just…you know…some of the women want something…a little less. If you understand.”

Nicole smiled nervously. “Oh, OK. No, this is fine.”

Yet again, Nicole’s mind was filled with images of the hot tub and its occupants while Claude prepared his camera and led Nicole to one of the high back chairs.

“The curves in this chair will complement your own,” he said, directing Nicole to sit. “Lean to one side. Arms and legs extended, please.”

A minute later, Claude had Nicole in the pose he wanted. The slouching effect caused Nicole’s sweater to pull away from one breast and hang loosely from the other. She felt very exposed, but a little sexy, and the whole concept of momentarily becoming an amateur model took away some of her fear.

“Who are these photos for? It will help me to know,” Claude said.

“Oh, I guess just the calendar,” Nicole said.

Claude smiled. “The men will be pleased.”

He took the first photo.

Claude was a master at realizing the comfort level of his ‘models.’ It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Nicole was a little uneasy and Claude decided to progress slowly towards his ultimate goal for the beautiful teacher. Nicole may have thought she only wanted to pose for the calendar, but Claude saw greater value in her than that. It would take all his skills to get her to agree.

Soon, Nicole was hanging her leg over one arm of the chair while reaching up with one arm to hold onto the wing of the chair. Her sweater rose to reveal an inch or two of bare skin above her jeans. Her breasts thrust against the material and she fought the urge to pull the sweater back together.

“Make love to the chair,” Claude said. “Caress it. Engulf it with your body.”

Jennifer grinned at her friend’s fretful compliance with the photographer’s suggestions. Still, the erotic nature of the poses grew in number and seriousness. She knew Claude. She knew where he would try to take Nicole. Jennifer prepared herself for the fact she may need to help him.

“Let’s move to the fireplace,” Claude said a few minutes later.

Nicole was glad to conclude her lovemaking session with the chair, but there had been something consoling about having a prop to take away the focus on her body. Now she felt a little illegal bahis more alone as Claude had her lay down on her side in front of the old, stone hearth. He took a dozen or so shots of her in predictable positions and Nicole was feeling more secure once again.

Then he had her stand.

“Perhaps on the bed now,” Claude said with a sly smirk.

“Perhaps not,” Nicole instantly replied.

Jennifer sensed it was time for her to act. She strolled behind Nicole and leaned closer to her ear.

“I think Tom Lemmon would want you to pose on the bed,” Jennifer whispered.

“I’m sure he would. He’ll have to wait,” was the answer.

Jennifer rested her hands on Nicole’s waist. Between watching Deborah and Jan in the hot tub and then Nicole in the bedroom, Jennifer was more than a little horny. Feeling Nicole’s warm body under her hands didn’t help.

“C’mon. Just once. I’ll help you if you want,” Jennifer said softly.

Her hands slid up Nicole’s body and then worked their way around to the front, stopping just barely below Nicole’s breasts. The two women were close enough that their bodies touched. Jennifer held her friend a little tighter.

“Jen. Don’t,” Nicole demanded in a feeble protest.

Jennifer’s right hand made contact with the bottom of a breast, the fabric of Nicole’s sweater scarcely covering it. Claude watched silently, waiting for the scene to act out. As soon as Jennifer felt the breast against her fingers, she had an incredible urge to kiss Nicole. She wrapped her fingers around the breast and lightly kissed Nicole’s ear. The sweater slid across Nicole’s skin and Jennifer felt the unmistakable softness of a breast.

“No,” Nicole sighed.

Jennifer’s fingers slid inside the sweater.

Neither woman had any experience with a lesbian lover. Neither one concealed lesbian tendencies. Neither one planned for the photo session to turn into anything else, although Jennifer was far more prepared for it than Nicole was.

So it was Jennifer who found herself touching Nicole’s nipple and pressing her pussy harder against Nicole’s ass.

“I would like to watch you pose,” Jennifer said.

Nicole caught her breath and replied, “I’m not doing it alone.”

“I said I’d help.”

“You’re not exactly helping right now,” Nicole moaned.

Jennifer squeezed the nipple and heard Nicole gasp. She looked over at Claude and nodded. He raised the camera and began taking pictures. Nicole’s eyes were closed, her mind spinning with too many thoughts to keep them straight.

Jennifer used the back of her hand to pull the sweater away from Nicole’s breast. The nipple came into view and Jennifer let Claude capture it. Then she resumed massaging the tender flesh. Soon, her other hand was drawing the sweater off Nicole’s other breast. The garment slipped off Nicole’s shoulders and down the top of her arms.

The shock Nicole experienced while watching Deborah and Jan was nothing compared to what she was experiencing now. Her heart raced faster at every touch of Jennifer’s hands. She couldn’t ever remember feeling this same way prior to sex with a man. No more evidence was needed than the moisture collecting in her pussy as Jennifer pushed the sweater even lower.

“What are you doing, Jen?”

“I’m being artistic,” Jennifer answered.

“These pictures are never to be seen in public. Do you understand?” Nicole stated bluntly.

“I’m perfectly fine with leaving them in our private collection. Now be quiet.”

Jennifer’s hands were all over Nicole’s bare breasts. She flattened them with her palms, molded them with her fingers, and tugged on the nipples until Nicole nearly screamed with delight. Then, she took the tangled sweater and pulled it up over Nicole’s head. Nicole offered no resistance.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jennifer said, kissing her lightly on the neck and ear.

Claude moved from side to side, doing his job without a sound. No more instructions would be necessary. It was all up to the ladies now.

Jennifer didn’t know how long Nicole would allow the groping to continue, nor did she know how long SHE wanted it to continue. Everything that was happening was new to both of them and instincts would prevail, not previous experiences.

Nicole turned her head to speak to Jennifer. “Why am I the only one undressed?”

A long pause ensued. Jennifer recognized it as an invitation for the ‘game’ to continue and she struggled with the realization. ‘The hell with the long football jersey and no jeans,’ she thought to herself. This was going to happen some other way.

“Should I or do you…uh, want to…,” Nicole stammered.

“Let me,” Nicole said while turning around. “Please.”

Their eyes met and the excitement was undeniable. Jennifer stood with her arms at her side and waited. Nicole took hold of the bottom of the shirt and began to lift it. Her eyes were locked onto Jennifer’s breasts as the shirt rose above them. She lifted it off Jennifer’s outstretched arms and tossed it aside.

The next moment may have been the longest in either woman’s life. They stood inches apart, topless. After many seconds, their hands moved simultaneously. They giggled timidly at the coincidence and slowly, very slowly, raised their hands to each other’s chest.

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