A Father’s Kiss Ch. 02

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Later that night, my father and I managed to find our place back into the household, to our own beds, and somehow able to drift off from our encounter the night before. We had passionately kissed each other good-night before my mother came home and I had sadly showered off my glamor, returning myself to the son I was believed to be.

I awoke to the sound of rain pounding hard on my window and laid there in my bed recounting the night before. Just as I realized my jaw and lips were a bit sore, I heard my mother calling to all that our usual, lazy Saturday breakfast was ready.

I had made my way to the bathroom I shared with my sister, I got myself together, clasped my robe together, brushed my teeth, and took a long look at myself in the mirror… and then at my sister’s makeup drawer, having had it as my own only hours before. I held that glance for a few moments before my mother’s call beckoned me to make my way out to start the day.

As everyone came round, slowly making their way to the breakfast table, I could tell my sister was grouchy as hell, as usual, though she looked incredible within her white, terrycloth robe, with her amazing, fully formed, teen body that I so envied. Out of the hallway, my father finally came in, looking at everyone with a furrowed glance, but for a slight, hidden smile to me, which set my heart on fire. I gave back my own smile, locked eyes for bostancı escort a brief moment, but we both knew the time wasn’t right to take that smile further… that would come later, I somehow knew.

After breakfast, as was usual, everyone seemed to fade off to their own weekend activities. My sister to her her friends and my mother to shop for whatever with her sisters. Both certainly off for hours. My father quietly said he’d not be going in to work as he usually did, that he’d just relax around the house with me. My mother said something about it being good that we’d have some time together, to which both my father and I both took a long look at one another.

When everyone was gone and we knew the time was ours, my father and I came together and hugged. He tried to kiss me, but I relented, telling him I didn’t feel right to reconnect without being the daughter he had known to night before. He smiled and held my hand as I gently pulled away and made my way to my mother’s and sister’s world, each of us knowing that later we would be back together in our own, newly discovered way.

Usually when I found myself in my parent’s room to dress, it had always been at a rather frantic pace, never knowing completely the time I had. But on this wonderful, rainy Saturday morning, I comforted myself in the knowledge that on this special day, time was no sancaktepe escort longer my enemy.

It took about an hour to get it all right, to completely adorned myself as the woman I so wanted to present myself to my father. Really, all fell seamlessly in place, as I had had been doing it all privately for years. But this time was special, knowing that not only did I have the time to do things right, but knew my very father, the man of my dreams, was waiting for me. The thought of wrapping my arms around my father and kissing him again as completely feminine as possible lit a fire inside me that I’ve never experienced before. Everything was going to be perfect, and I knew just how to make that so.

After I showered and went into my parents room, I was completely at ease as I had never been. All was there for me, my mother’s lingerie and hosiery, with my secret breast forms in tow to fill her ample cups… It was magical, really. Everything was there for me, in every way.

After I put on my mother’s pantyhose, white lace panties and bra, tucked everything in place, I went to my sister’s room and stole her perfect little short red, sweater dress that was to die for, sexy as hell that she had worn to a party the week before.

When all was in place, I found myself in front of my mother’s vanity mirror where I made myself up into a completely zeytinburnu escort glamorous young teen queen. I pulled a razor over my upper lip, though not really needed, as a beard had never really been a problem for me, applied a bit of foundation, then eyeliner, mascara, a pale-red rouge upon my cheeks, red lip liner to fill-out my lips, and then my mother’s deepest red lipsticks, which so inside me made my transformation into womanhood complete.

Before I went out, I couldn’t help but to stop and admire myself in the mirror for a few minutes, looking at the curves of my body, the fully-figured young woman I had been able to become, my sister’s dress so tightly and wonderfully caressing my body, my curves, my breasts. I applied another few strokes of my mother’s lipstick, over and over again, then with my heart pounding so insanely, I opened the door of my parent’s bedroom and went out to find my father.

Daddy was sitting on the couch in our living room, right where we had been together the night before, just looking off to the distance and in apparent deep thought. When he heard me come in, he slowly rose to meet my somewhat timid gaze.

“Oh my god, honey… good lord,” he said looking at me completely, almost whispering. ” I… I was going to talk with you about all this, but… Oh my god…”

I knew why he was at loss for words and was flattered beyond belief, which only gave me the strength to take charge of this precious moment between us.

Slowly, I walked to my father, looked him straight into his gorgeous, deep blues eyes, wrapped my arms around his neck, pressed my red, lipstick lips upon his and began to kiss him fully and so very, very deeply.

End Part 2

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