A Familiar Feeling

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Gloria was standing in front of the sink, doing the dishes, wearing nothing but an apron and a white thong. I smiled as I checked out her long tan legs and nice little round cheeks. Her back was strong and every muscle twitched beautifully as she scrubbed the grease from a pan, and her curly brown hair cascaded over her shoulders.

I was relaxing on the sofa watching the baseball game and enjoying a beer. When she was done washing dishes she would come sit with me, for a little bit then it would be time for discipline before she went to bed.

Gloria had been some kind of a life saver. The last lady I hired was a bit older, had trouble climbing the stairs and had quit less than a week after she started. Between working a full time job and everything else I had going on, I barely had time to take care of things around the house.

The next morning I put another ad on Craigslist for a housekeeper, and that afternoon Gloria had showed up on my doorstep with a suitcase and her resume.

My mother had died giving birth to me, and my father had given me up to an orphanage when I was still an infant. After I turned eighteen I got a decent job and lived in efficiency apartments until early this year when my father passed away. I had never met him but apparently he did fairly well for himself because he left me this house and a massive bank account. I decided to keep my job because I liked it and didn’t want to get bored.

I told Gloria I wasn’t looking for a live in housekeeper, but after browsing over her resume, tasting her lasagna and getting a look at her cleavage after her coat came off, I decided it may be worth a shot. Plus, it didn’t hurt that all she asked for was room and board, a fifty dollar a week allowance and for me to keep an eye on her to make sure she behaved.

I gave her one of the guest rooms down the hall from mine to make sure she had to go past me every morning on the way to the shower. I wanted to make sure she hadn’t been drinking of course.

When the dishes were all dried and put back in the cupboard she came and took a seat on the sofa next to me with her hands folded in her lap and an eager smile. As far as I knew she hadn’t even thought about booze today, and she had done an immaculate job of cleaning. I hated to think of causing her pain when she had been such a good girl, but I also didn’t want to give up a chance to put my hands on those tight little buns. Plus the rule was put in place to prevent a mishap as well as to punish one.

I glanced at Gloria; she was watching the game but didn’t seem that interested. I figured she was just enjoying the sweaty men in tight pants like most women I know.

“Ever been to game?” I asked hoping to gain a little insight into this beautiful woman who had suddenly become a major part of my life, but I so far knew very little about.

A crooked smile wiggled across her face as she turned her attention from the game. “I hate baseball.”

I looked deeper into her eyes. They sparkled as she caught my stare. “Why’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a long story.” She said wiggling her legs nervously.

I wanted to ask her more but my attention was caught somewhere between her calves flexing as she wiggled her toes, her long thin fingers just on the edge of her apron and inner thighs, and her perfectly tanned bottom contrasting with the white leather of my sofa.

“I have a question for you.” She said glancing back at the TV.

My eyes jumped back up to hers, only partially hoping that she had noticed my uncomfortable stare. “What’s that I asked?”

“I was just wondering why a guy likes you,” she said glancing around at my well-furnished house. “Spends all his time sitting her watching the tube?”

The truth was I normally didn’t. I usually spent Thursday night drinking my beer at the bowling alley playing in a lane by myself and wishing that one of the cute young girls fumbling nervously with a heavy ball that didn’t quite quit their fingers, would wander over to me.” I have a lot on my plate right now.” I said getting up and heading to the fridge for a refill.

When I came back I sat a bit closer to her hoping I might get a chance to slip my arm around her.

She looked over at the large face of the black clock on my wall. “I think it’s time for me to retire.” She said as she got up, untied her apron.

I chuckled. “But you just started working for me.” I said trying being funny.

She shot me a playful grin. “And I’m very grateful for the opportunity. She said folding the apron and tossing it on the sofa.

I froze as I saw her standing there, her tiny breasts peeking out at me from inside her bra. I had known this was part of the deal since she started here, but I never thought I would be this nervous about the first time.

I reached my hand out to her and she wove her fingers between mine as I pulled her towards me. She lay across my lap and as I pulled my hand back she said. “My dad was a hot pitching prospect when I was a betist giriş young girl.”

I hesitated wanting to hear more put my eyes were fixated on the skin staring at me from around her thong. I could see moisture gathering on the silky material between her legs and I swung. My hand caused a ripple on her tender flesh, she raised her right foot, curling her toes as her back straightened and her head snapped back slightly.

“He had an overpowering fastball, untouchable by most but one day when he was one batter away from breaking the record for strikeouts in a single game he tore a tendon in his elbow.”

I swung again, this time aiming for her other cheek. My heart was racing and I could feel sweat gathering on my forehead as she jumped almost seeming surprised, and her nails slid across the surface of the couch.

“He was able to keep pitching.” She said, her voice betraying a quiver as she wiggled on my lap with anticipation. “But his arm was never the same.”

I could feel my hand trembling as I watched the pink handprints rise on both of her cheeks. As my hand landed on her crack just below her tail bone, I wondered if she knew this was the closest I’ve ever been to seeing a naked woman.

“He started taking it out on me.” she said between whimpers. “But even at that young age I tried to convince myself it was only because I was the only one around.”

I felt my dick spring up suddenly, poking her just below her belly button. My mouth went dry and I could barely focus from the embarrassment. It had to be obvious to her that this was more than just a formality to me, but she didn’t even flinch.

I swung even harder, most likely to take the attention off of me. She jumped again and a pained cry escaped from her lips for the first time. This made me feel sad and extremely horny at the same time.

Without even thinking my left hand found a fist full of hair and I yanked back, swinging harder and harder with my right hand.

Her feet shot up behind her, and her hands flapped beside her as if she was falling towards the water in a swan dive. She looked amazing, but somehow this drew up anger inside of me.

I let go of her hair suddenly and she fell flat forward on her face. I yanked her thong down and straight off her legs. It wasn’t like it allowed me to see that much more but I wanted all of her.

I slowed my motion, rubbing each cheek gently between smacks. My balls were twitching and tingling now.

I wanted to reach down and spread her cheeks, but I didn’t. Instead I stood up suddenly, knocking her from my lap and into the coffee table. She braced herself as she fell, avoiding any major injury as she protected her head with her hand.

I started pacing back and forth, just wanting to walk out the door and never come back. “I’m so sorry!” I said stretching a hand out toward her but she got up on her own.

“I’m okay.” She said snatching her panties from the floor as she stood up. She walked slowly toward me and placed a hand in the center of my chest and a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you!”

The whisper resonated in my ear as she turned stepping back into her panties and heading to bed.

I finished my beer and then headed to my room before the game was over. I set out my clothes for the next day and climbed into bed. My intention had been to stroke my screaming erection and give myself some relief, but no matter how I yanked on it I couldn’t think straight. I just kept seeing the red marks on Gloria’s bottom, the little hole trying to peek out at me from between her crack and her wet lips as she slid back into her panties, but the thought was interrupted by the serious tone in her voice as she talked about her dad. It made me wonder who my own father was, and even though that squashed my libido I fell asleep still pointing straight up under the blanket.

I woke up to the sound of the shower running and I laid there with my eyes peeled toward the hallway through the crack in the door. I was hoping for another glimpse of Gloria in all her glory, but all I saw was a flash of her hand rubbing her bottom through a white towel as she walked by.

I got up and started to get dressed, but I noticed my khakis and green polo had been replaced with a pair of my father’s pinstriped slacks and a white dress shirt. I stared at them for a second actually considering the change, but I realized I wasn’t ready for this.

When I went down to the kitchen she had eggs and bacon sizzling on the stove. She flashed me a brilliant smile and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“I was thinking we should take a trip to the beach tomorrow.” she said. “I made the arrangements for a motel for tomorrow night. I think it would be good for you to have a change of scenery.”

I twitched as she put a plate in front of me. My thoughts were somewhere between happiness and anger. I was glad that she cared enough about me to take this initiative, but all I could picture was her giving someone else my credit betist yeni giriş card number which she obviously took without my permission.

“What do you think?” She asked as she jumped up on the counter and watched me start to eat.

“I think you should remember what your place is here in this house.” I said pounding my fist down on the table as I got up and walked out the door.

“Stewart!” She said but I wasn’t stopping.

I got in my car and sped down the driveway in reverse. My father had left a set of golf clubs in the trunk and even though I had no idea how to use them, I was determined to learn.

After I finally figured out how to get a bucket of balls, I started with the driving range and learned very quickly that I didn’t belong there, with those people walking around in their fancy clothes, with their fluid strokes. After missing my ball consistently and ripping out almost all of the grass from the ground around me, my mind was starting to wander back to Gloria. I was about to give up and go home when a cute young blonde girl pulled up in the beer cart. I stared at her short little skirt as he handed a bourbon and Coke to the guy next to me, then bent over, exposing the hem of her cotton panties as she picked up the dollar he “accidentally” dropped as he was trying to tip her. She smiled cheerfully but I could sense disappointment in her voice as she tried to say a sincere. “Thank you!”

I ordered a beer and told her to keep the change from a ten dollar bill. Her face brightened for real and for the first time I thought I just might be getting the hang of this golf thing.

A half dozen beers or so and a couple hundred dollars later Natalie’s lessons were starting to pay off. The ball wasn’t going that far or even that straight, but I was hitting it. I was happy but when I stumbled toward her and accidentally let my hand slide over her breast, she was suddenly gone. After that I couldn’t hit a thing and I drug my clubs across the parking lot to my car. My head was spinning. I sat there for a moment trying to sober up and I must have dozed off.

When I got home the house was silent and when I walked to my room, Gloria’s door was closed. I changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top and went out to mow the yard. She was lying out on a towel, in a bikini. Her bottoms were snugged up in her crack, showing off my handprints, and her top was top was unsnapped so I could see the side of her tits. I was embarrassed and nervous but I approached her and knelt down. “I think I owe you an apology.” I said.

She jumped, startled at first but then sat up and held out her arms for a hug. “No biggie.” She said. Her skin felt great against my face.

I tried to get up but she pulled me down next her. “Take off your shirt.” She said. “You could use the sun.”

I hadn’t realized just how pasty my chest was until I saw it contrasted against the skin of her hand.

That evening Gloria made a delicious Spinach Tortellini soup, and when we had finished eating, I tried to help her do the dishes but she pushed me away gently.

“When I’m done we should play a game of cribbage.” she suggested as I found my spot in front of the TV.

“I’ll have to see if I have a board.” I said as I flipped through the channels.

“Don’t you worry about a thing.” She said.

I didn’t know a thing about cards or about Gloria for that matter, because even though she was fiercely competitive she was also a good teacher. I won two of the three games, but even so she smiled graciously as she picked up the cards.

“Next time I won’t be so nice.” She said as she disappeared up the steps to her bedroom. When she came back she was wearing a black patent leather shoes, long white stockings, a short plaid skirt and a tight white shirt with her hair in pig tails.

My mind, which was already flipping from the day’s events, and from the sweet taste of victory, stood momentarily still. She was the picture of beauty and innocence as she rested her bottom on the table and then turned around and stuck it out for me and placed her hands out flat.

I felt my manhood struggling against my fly as I stared at her legs. I couldn’t help wanting to undo my pants and bury myself deep inside her as I reached around and cupped her breasts.

However, I knew I had a job to do. I stood up and approached her slowly feeling the tip of my dick rub against my shorts. I undid my belt, and folded it in half as I lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties and she took a step sideways, with each of her feet, spreading her cheeks and laying her head down on the table. Her ass opened up to me and I was staring at the hole of her pussy.

She was still red from the episode last night and I had to adjust myself again before I swung the belt.

The events of the day ran through my head, and I realized it was probably I who deserved the discipline session. I felt guilty as the leather snapped against her flesh leaving a thin red line betist güvenilirmi across her tender backside, as her fingers dug into the table cloth and she stomped her foot sharply.

She surprised me with an intense spine tingling scream. I let her have it again, this time on her upper thigh and she squatted down offering herself to me. I let my free hand slip down to my crotch, and I rubbed myself, as the third swing landed on her tender cheeks.

“I’m such a bad girl.” she said as she straightened up again and pushed her ass out toward me.

I came suddenly, shuddering intensely as the belt landed on the small of her back. She screamed again but then turned involuntarily to watch me as I shuddered and shook. I felt the warmth stick my boxers to my leg, and I turned and ran upstairs.

When I woke up Gloria was lying beside me still dressed in her school outfit with her hand in the small of my back. I could hear her snoring gently in my ear. She had a suit and tie laid out for me today and a suitcase already packed.

I got up and showered; when I came out she was no longer in my bed. This time I obliged her, and dressed in the clothes she had picked out.

I had never tied a tie before so I just draped it over my shoulders. I looked in the mirror and I felt awkward. My hair was disheveled and my face was suffering from a few days growth.

Gloria showed up in my doorway wearing only a towel and she let it slip off as she came in. “Here let me help you with that.” She said as she grabbed the tie and twisted it around my neck.

I had never seen her quite like this. Her breasts bouncing freely and the thin line of hair just above her little slit. I felt like I was going to start sweating profusely when she led me into the bathroom and pushed me down onto the toilet.

She turned on the faucet and stuck a comb under the stream, then ran it through my hair slicking it back away from my forehead, and her eyes turned bright.

“I love it!” She said and then she dug out my father’s straight razor and lathered up my face.

Her nipples were just perfect the way they stood upward. I felt like they were summoning me, begging me to lick from the bottom of her tiny boobies to their perky peak. Her hips were tiny but just right to flow into that tight belly and ass.

I felt her hand rest on my shoulder as she slid the razor across my cheeks and jawline. I figured this must be what it feels like to have a friend.

Then she grabbed the shoeshine kit from under the sink. She knelt down in front of me. I could feel her breath on my legs, through my pants, and I could hear her heavy breathing and she held the cloth in both hands and rubbed it over my shoes. I looked down at the top of her head as it bobbed up and down.

Then she stood, pulled me up by the front of my shirt and squeezed my cheeks. “You look amazing!” She said as she squirted me with a shot of cologne.

The ride to the coast was uneventful for the most part. Gloria was wearing jeans, a purple hoodie and dark sunglasses. She insisted on driving and had the radio cranked up. She drummed her thumbs on the steering wheel, and sang along at the top of her lungs, to the parts of the songs that she knew. She didn’t seem ashamed when her voice cracked or when it went off key.

“You know what I hated about that asshole?” She asked turning the radio down suddenly and glancing over at me. “He never gave up even when he knew his arm was fucked. He drug me all over the damn country with him. I cheered my young little ass off, hoping that someday, somehow, the ball would pop again into the catcher’s mitt the way it had before, that his fans would once again cheer ecstatically, his foes would boo unmercifully, and when he got drunk it would be because he was happy.”

Before I could think of anything to say she cranked the wheel and floated up to the curb between two cars.

“The fun starts now.” She said flicking a tear from her eye and pointing at the flickering sign. “Honey Buns.”

It was still early in the day so there were only three dancers working. The air was heavy with darkness, and the smell of stale booze. Gloria headed off to the bathroom. “Get a drink.” She said. I’ll take a cranberry juice and then get your ass up to the rail.”

There was a small crowd and only four of us up at the rail. I sat dead center with two college kids to my left, and an older guy far off to the right.

An old school rap song came on and the first dancer came out. “Give it up for Tianna.” The announcer’s voice boomed over the crackling PA as she strutted straight at me swinging her tee shirt over her head.

I guess I should have been a bit more excited about the prospect of seeing a second naked woman in my life, but I kept thinking about Gloria and what she would think if she saw me staring.

Tianna was tall, slender and had curves in all the right places. Her boobs were massive and she had a rather large ass for her frame. She turned around and squatted shoving, it about a foot from my face. Then she spun on her heels and headed to the two boys who had folded dollars in half, and stood them up on the stage. She slung her shirt around the blonde one’s head, and pulled his face forward into her cleavage.

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