A Fallen Paradise Ch. 01

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All characters depicted herein are 18 years or older.


The sand was always white-hot here. She leaned back on her elbows while the sun played along her pale skin. It slid over her legs, across the plane of her stomach, and up her arms to her shoulders. The light fell brilliantly upon her face, which was fair and well-defined: beautiful, but with a certain ferocity hidden somewhere – tucked behind her wide blue eyes, or folded into the high slopes of her cheeks. Her hair tumbled down her back in a glory of wild perfection, usually black, now gleaming with almost-purple highlights in the stark light.

She inhaled the salty sea air and let the warmth engulf her, sunning herself in her white bikini. When a shadow crept over her form on the sand, she did not open her eyes – not until she felt that first gentle touch, when her breath caught in her throat. A dainty finger ran from the top of her ribs to her belly and spawned goose bumps in its wake. The manicured nails began to scratch her somewhat as they meandered lower, working toward the rim of her bikini bottom.

She knew to whom the voice would belong before the whisper came: she knew when the feathery hair met her cheek, canlı bahis when the lips pressed against her ear, when the fingers caressed her back – but, she knew most of all because it was always her. In this paradise, it was always her.

“Hello, Sasha,” that sultry voice whispered. The breath was a hot cloud, followed by a gentle flick of tongue to her earlobe.

Sasha shuddered. She turned and threaded her hands through blond hair as soft as down. A disarming smile broke across Ella’s face and Sasha dove in: she pulled her down and kissed her, slipping her tongue into Ella’s mouth.

Ella’s hands roamed briefly over Sasha’s body before coming to rest on her shoulders as she straddled her. Ella had a fluid gold tan and a trim frame, long, sumptuous legs, and a tight torso from years of competitive cheerleading. Her face was drawn in elegant contours with full, plump lips, a delicately sloped nose, and verdant green eyes – eyes that held a vicious glint as she gazed down at Sasha beneath her.

Ella reveled in every twitch, every sharp intake of breath that Sasha gave her, a reward for her presence, her touch. Her fingers reached the bottom of Sasha’s breasts and slid under the fabric bahis siteleri of her bikini top. Her hands lingered on her nipples, rubbed them into two pink buds. Sasha moaned softly as warmth spread through her and coalesced between her thighs. Ella smiled deviously and punctuated her teasing with a pinch.

Ella nipped Sasha’s tongue with her teeth, and pinned her wrists above her; she watched as Sasha squirmed twisting and contorting, her hips bucking against her own. Sasha moaned, deep and pleading, and thrust her tongue inside Ella’s mouth with increasing fervor. Ella caught the rhythm of Sasha’s kiss, and moved one hand down abdomen until her fingertips reached the hem of Sasha’s bikini.

A smirk widened over Ella’s face and filled her eyes with the embers of something Sasha couldn’t decipher at first – contentment? No: pride, anticipation. Ella eased two fingers inside her and brightened in instant satisfaction as Sasha’s eyes rolled back and she took a gasping breath. She arched her back when Ella pressed her fingers deeper and kissed her roughly. Ella grinned at Sasha’s jerking body, feeling her from the inside, rubbing her clit with her thumb as she drove on.

Ella worked bahis şirketleri her faster and faster, and Sasha felt the intensity build ever higher. Then, at once, Ella thrust her fingers further and Sasha pushed back. With a loud cry, she released herself to Ella, her cunt throbbing with the pleasure.

Sasha’s eyes snapped open and she shot up at the sound of her radio alarm. She took a moment to gather herself; the entire dream flooded back into her consciousness: the feel of Ella’s skin, her hands on her breasts, her fingers deep inside of her, and the rush of her orgasm. She reached into her panties where she found slick residue.

“Dammit.” She sighed, and let her head flop back onto the pillow, yearning to resume her dream paradise with Ella’s warm body next to her. But in her hazy state she saw her bedside clock and its glowing green numbers that forbid reentry into fantasy. “Shit!” Her nine o’ clock class started in thirty minutes.

She threw aside her sheets and flew out of bed, stumbling to her closet as she peeled off the shirt she had been sleeping in. Sasha rifled through her dresser until she found a tan bra, and clasped it together at her back. She stepped into a worn pair of jeans, slipped on her Chucks, and grabbed a tank from her closet. She tossed items from her desk into her backpack: notebooks, pens, and her copy of Paradise Lost, and then sprinted out of her room and down the dormitory hall.

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