A Dilemma Pt. 02

Nisan 3, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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It’s been over 8 months since the original story was posted, and I have moved on and put all the crap and hurt behind me. Almost. I sent Hanna a link to it and it took her a month to respond. What was I expecting? I figured it could go either way, but in all reality I was leaning toward it not going well.

Her response fell in to the latter: it did not go over very well. She claimed she could not even finish it and could not comprehend what it was, and was going to forget what she had read. Good Luck.

Ain’t that a fine how – do – you – do. Could not even finish it, and there was good stuff after the sex part.

So you pour your heart out and write a homage to someone and they can’t even see it? Can’t finish it? Well I thought about that, and figured fuck it, if that was all she had after everything we had told each other, all the flirting, the bantering, the consoling of both being in bad dead end marriages.

So I told her that there would be no more contact tuzla escort from me and I proceeded to remove her from my life. Blocked her from all social media accounts, deleted other pics I had of her and her family, took her off the Christmas card and gift list, along with her kids ( they have to suffer ).

I am almost certain that I pissed her off and/or made her jealous. If you recall I mentioned Kelly in the first part, and she and I talked and texted almost daily. Well Kelly sent me a pic one day. You see them all the time on twitter and facebook a girl will take a selfie and the caption will read – “look at my new shoes” well all you can see are BOOBS and maybe the tips of the shoes if your eyes were to venture that far down. No, it’s about the BOOBS, which is perfectly fine with me. However they want to justify it is fine.

So I showed this pic to Hanna and her reaction was “I’d do her, you know I like women as well and would like to have a wife but assman won’t let me” I tuzla escort bayan told her she could do her but it had to be after me. Her mood changed quickly and soon after told me she had some running to do and would talk to me later.

A few days later I got a text from Hanna telling me “I’m here, i’m real, and i’m not going anywhere” OK. What does that mean? Just what it says.

I received this same text 3 other times from her, with no further explanation. Oh well.

Other than that I truly believe Hanna needs some help, she has all the classic signs of Postpartum Depression after the last baby, and quite possibly has had it since the birth of her first daughter 7 years ago, and throw this all together with one person who is a giver and one who is a taker.

Why does the giver always be the one who ends up getting screwed? I will get over Hanna but I will always wonder if I did enough or did the right things to help her. I will never know. All our mutual friends had escort tuzla already distanced themselves from her and assman, I was the last. I did not believe the stories and opinions that I was told, but I do now.

In my younger days I was told something by a much older person and at the time it did not make much sense but I find it very fitting here. “You don’t know strength until you forgive a person who was never sorry.”

And my personal favorite that also fits “There is no fool like an old fool”. I really do wish her all the best but I just don’t see it working out for her.

I had many emails advising me not to let her know that the story had been posted as nothing good could come from it. Oops, I sent the link before anyone responded but they were correct.

I also received a fair number who told me that whatever it took for me to find happiness, to go for it.

And lastly there were a number of women – claimed to be at least – that told me they would be waiting at their kitchen sink looking out the window, and any time I wanted to drop by they would be more than happy for me to do what I had written. That’s the spirit I was looking for, I am waiting on addresses. LOL

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