A Deep Dark Love

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This story has been floating around in my head for some years in one version or another. I have finally been able to just write it down in a form I am relatively happy with – I hope you enjoy it.

The story contains many of the elements which I find satisfying i.e. stories featuring dominant, competitive, pleasure hungry, love starved older women and young men ready and willing to be initiated between the sheets and have their manhood deeply affirmed in bed.

Older woman/ younger male , mother/son, aunt/nephew sexual relationships are among the most physically, emotionally and mentally satisfying types of sexual fantasy for me personally – if you are the type of person who has really appreciated and sincerely considered this type of sexual fantasy, then this story was written for you. This story does take a while to “get going” but I wanted to try to paint the portrait as thoroughly as I could, within a short story format.

The story explores the notion of a mother giving her adult son the ultimate birthday present and affirming his coming of age, and also the present a young man gives to his mother – his semen.

Lauren and Chloe may seem like hard nasty bitches at times or just plain reckless, but they need to be seen for what they are: Lauren is deeply frustrated, in love with Ben, paralysed for months on end by moral and social conditioning. Chloe is conflicted – caught between her need to be with her nephew Ben, but burdened by her so called common sense and the restraint associated with her understanding of right and wrong. She attempts to resolve her conflict by sleeping around with young men who remind her of Ben, but it doesn’t work. In the end she has to have Ben, just as her sister Lauren has to.


Lauren’s high heels click-clacked on the polished marble, as she marched down the hall, descended the three steps which divided the spacious gleaming kitchen from the open lounge space below and then unceremoniously dumped her overcoat and her handbag on the nearest lounge chair. She looked around briefly; feeling dissatisfied in general and then walked across to the bar, picked up a glass, shovelled ice into it and then poured herself a double bourbon. She turned away from the bar, kicking off her heels and then walked across the lounge-room while sipping her drink until she reached the open glass doors, which led out onto the patio and then downstairs to the pool complex and tennis courts below.

Sure enough Lauren’s son Ben was downstairs in the pool complex area and his girlfriend Amy was with him. The two of them were lying stretched out on their towels, working on their suntans after an early afternoon swim. Lauren firmly set her glass down on the table next to her with a sharp crack and bourbon sloshed and ran across the marble tabletop. She fished around in her jacket and pulled out her cigarette case and lighter, opened the case and stuck a cigarette between her lips and lit up.

“Why is that little bitch always here,” Lauren hissed after dragging deeply on the cigarette and exhaling.

She looked down at Ben and Amy as she smoked and drank, trying to calm down. Ben and Amy were just lying there on the soft grass besides the pool, but then Amy reached out and took Ben’s hand in hers and Lauren grew angrier. Lauren had cancelled an important meeting at work, had left the office early to come home to check up on Ben and sure enough he was here at home with that little bitch again. Lauren had done this four times in the last month, including today – she had annoyed her clients, had annoyed the other partners, had juggled all her appointments, just so she could get home early, desperate to see Ben and each time she had found that little bitch in her house with her son.

There was a moment when Lauren was all ready to storm out the back and confront Ben and the little bitch, but she decided to call her sister Chloe instead – Chloe was Lauren’s rock.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon,” Lauren demanded quietly, while crushing out the cigarette and peering down at her son again.

She turned away from the open glass doors and walked through the lounge-room and up the stairs, as she drained the remaining bourbon from her glass, the phone still ringing. Then Lauren’s sister picked up the phone.

“Hello Chloe?”

“Yes, is that you Lauren?”

“Yes, it’s me – I came home early again today and that little bitch is here again with Ben.”

“You left early again, won’t you get in trouble,” Chloe asked.

“Don’t worry about work Chloe,” Lauren hissed and then her tone of voice became more desperate, “Do you think Ben is actually fucking that little bitch?”

“Probably Lauren, he is nearly 21 now.”

“So, he’s fucking her,” Lauren said venomously, her voice becoming shrill and then Lauren’s voice broke and she started crying. She pleaded with her sister: “What am I going to do? What am I going to do Chloe?”

“I don’t know Lauren, have you talked to Ben,” Chloe asked wearily, “have you told him how you feel about him Lauren?”

“No, what am I supposed to say Chloe? Oh guess what kid, your mom’s got a small problem, she’s in love with you – didn’t canlı bahis you know. I should be locked up somewhere Chloe, I must be sick.”

“Look. You’re not sick Lauren, you’re just being human like everyone else – it’s just, well you know, very unusual. You’re going to have to do something Lauren. I still think you should go to counselling or see someone – you need to get some help honey. It’s not the healthiest option.”

“God, you must think I’m crazy,” Lauren said, still sobbing into the phone. “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.”

“Just tell him how you feel Lauren; Ben’s turned into a real nice guy, due to you. He may even feel the same way you do.”

“Yes, maybe – god I don’t know, maybe you’re right. I’ll talk to him about it.”

“Good Lauren and don’t drink too much before you do, okay. And for goodness sakes don’t push him or make him feel uncomfortable.”

“Yes okay mom,” Lauren said.

“Look I have to run Lauren – I have to pick up Uncle Michael from the hospital and then I have to get back to work. I’ll call you tomorrow at lunch, okay?”

“Sure Chloe – look I’m sorry for calling you like this. Thanks, hey.”

“No problems Lauren – I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye.”

Lauren sighed and hung up. She then walked back to the open glass doors and looked out into the back. Ben and Amy were back in the pool and they were laughing. Lauren took another cigarette from her case and lit up and sucked in the smoke, feeling bitter and unhappy as Amy kissed Ben in the pool, taking the young man in her arms.

“You fucking little bitch,” Lauren muttered, unable to watch anymore – she went and poured herself another glass of bourbon.

By the time Ben and Amy came back inside the house from their swim an hour and a half later, Lauren was well on her way to inebriation, yet another glass of bourbon in her hand. She was lying back on a lounge chair, her jacket off, her blouse unbuttoned and her tight skirt crumpled.

“Oh hello Lauren,” Amy said warily, on her guard.

“Hi mom, I didn’t know you got home early,” Ben said, his eyes drifting up and down Lauren’s body, noting that his mother’s skirt was pulled up, so he could see her long legs and that her blouse was open in the front, so he could see the edges of her bra.

Lauren got to her feet and smoothed and adjusted her skirt. She lifted the glass to her lips and drank, finishing it.

“So, are you sleeping with my son,” she asked Amy pointedly.

“Lauren, that’s none of your business,” Amy replied.


“You stay out of this Ben; you’re in enough trouble already,” Lauren said softly, swaying. She then turned back to Amy. “Well, are you fucking my son or not?”

“Ben I’m leaving,” Amy stated angrily. “You need to talk to your mother and sort this out.”

“Yes, go, go,” Lauren returned softly, waving her hand in Amy’s direction.

Ben’s girlfriend looked at Lauren for a moment upset and then stormed out of the house with Ben in pursuit. Five minutes later Ben was back.

“Mom, why did you do that for?”

“I don’t like that girl Ben, I think she’s bad for you and I don’t want you to see her anymore.”

“Mom, I can see who I like – I’m almost 21.”

“I don’t care,” Lauren said, heading to the bar to get another drink. “As long as you’re living under this roof you’ll do as you’re told.”

“Well that’s unfair,” Ben said and then shot back,”well Amy wants me to move in with her, so maybe I will now.”

“Excuse me – you’re father and I spent a lot of time and money helping you get into a good college, and what, now you’re going to blow it all by moving in with that little bitch. She’ll ruin your life.”

“Mom,” Ben said, growing really angry.

“Are you fucking her Ben, is that it?”

“Yes I am and it’s none of your business mom!”

Lauren finished pouring her drink and sat down, waving her angry son away with her hand. She collapsed down into the lounge, spilling more bourbon on her beautiful clothes, while Ben deserted her and disappeared inside his bedroom for the rest of the afternoon.

The next morning Lauren woke up with a horrible hangover. She called in sick, threw up twice and then crawled back into bed with the blinds pulled down. She felt terrible physically and badly depressed about the way she had spoken to Ben and treated him – her life was becoming a train-wreck and she was drinking and smoking far too much. Lauren threw up again and drank a large glass of water and then managed to go back to sleep. She woke around noon when her phone rang: it was Chloe.

“Are you okay, Chloe asked, concerned, “I called your office and Tina said you were off sick. What’s up? Did you talk to Ben?”

“Yes, I talked to Ben – fat lot of good it did me, I just made things worse Chloe. I drank too much last night and have the most horrible hangover imaginable.”

“Oh god, what did you say to him Lauren?”

“Well, first I told him to dump his girlfriend or else he couldn’t live here anymore, to which he said good, he would move in with what’s her name. And then I asked him if he was fucking that little bitch and bahis siteleri he said yes he was and that basically it was none of my damned business and then he stormed out and hasn’t spoken to me since. All in all it went pretty well, I think.”

“Oh god Lauren,” Chloe muttered sadly.

“You know I have a seven figure income and can arrange corporate mergers and acquisitions – real big deals, any day of the week, but can’t seem to sort this out for myself.”

“Really, you think you can just sort this out, as if it were some corporate merger,” Chloe said. “You’re trying to start a romantic relationship with your own son and you seem to be going about it all wrong. If you want my opinion I think you’re making a mistake, but…”

“Chloe, please,” Lauren said, cutting her sister off,”you’ve told me a million times what you think of all this. I thought we had gotten past that. Please can you just help me out?”

Chloe paused for a second.

“Chloe, please I have a horrible hangover.”

“Okay, well I think you’re going to have to do what every woman has to do when they want to steal a man away from another woman.”

“Do what?”

“Lauren, you know what I’m talking about,” Chloe said, “you’ve had plenty of boyfriends – you’re going to have to seduce Ben. I mean you’ve done that in the past, right?”

Lauren took stock for a moment. She sat up on the edge of her bed, the phone pressed to her ear and saw that Chloe was right – how else could she get Ben, if she didn’t seduce him and steal him away from that little bitch.

“Lauren, did you hear me? Are you there?”

“Yes, yes I’m here. Yes, you’re right Chloe, that’s what I have to do – I have to seduce Ben, I have to seduce my son.”

“Oh god this is so crazy Lauren – you know this is so dangerous for him, for you. You both could get caught or you could mess him up big time. I mean Ben is such a beautiful young man and I can understand why you’re so attracted to him. I mean I’m attracted to him as well, but I… ”

“Oh really,” Lauren said snickering, cutting Chloe off again.

“Lauren, don’t,” Chloe said, starting to laugh awkwardly. “Maybe both of us just need to go out and pick up a couple of young guys and get laid – just leave poor Ben alone. I don’t think incest is the answer to any of us.”

“Have you seen him getting out of the pool in those red swimmers Chloe? He looks like a young god.”

“Yes Lauren, yes, yes – I have seen him get out of the pool. Please don’t remind me as I’m trying to be the sensible one in all of this and for god’s sake just think about what I said.”

“Oh yes, I definitely have thought about what you’ve said Chloe.”

“Right,” Chloe said doubtfully, sure that her sister was going to go right ahead with her plans and run face first into a whole lot of trouble. “I’m going to get off the phone and let you sleep it off. Remember Lauren stay away from the drink, it won’t help you at all.”

“Yep, okay – bye.”

“Bye Lauren.”

Lauren hung up and switched off her phone and climbed back into bed and lay there feeling sick, her head spinning. She looked up at the ceiling, the bed-sheets pulled up high and remembered.

At first all their lives were normal and happy – Lauren was married to David and Ben was young and he was treasured like any son would be by his parents. David and Lauren were successful professionals and they made a lot of money. But then their lives were thrown into turmoil when David was caught having an affair with a cute little blonde from work and Lauren threw David out and divorced him. Lauren could still remember coming home early from work with a migraine, walking down the hall and hearing the sounds of moaning coming from behind her bedroom door.

Then just a few months later Chloe and her husband Mark had broken up, throwing Chloe into chaos. And then Ben had turned 18 after having finished his secondary schooling, and was looking forward to college and had met a girl named Amy. Life just refused to stop throwing its curveballs at them all. The only constant in Lauren’s life was her sexual frustration – she hadn’t been to bed with a man in a long time and it was taking its toll on her. Chloe hadn’t slept in the same bed as Mark for at least 12 months prior to her divorce, but then she went man-crazy as soon as Mark moved out. Lauren however just decided to swear off men altogether after her experience with David and it made her unhappy, even though she felt that she had to make a point.

Lauren remembered the day clearly. She and Chloe were lying on a couple of banana chairs on the back grass by the pool complex – they were both drinking cocktails. Ben was there in one of the pools by himself and the women were watching him through their sunglasses. Both Lauren and Chloe gasped softly as Ben stepped up out of the pool – he did really look like a young god. Ben was tall and tanned; his body strong, muscular and mature, his hair dark and wet, and his face sweet but masculine. The water streamed down his body as he stood there at the edge of the pool and shook the water out of his hair. Both Lauren and Chloe’s eyes dropped to Ben’s crotch bahis şirketleri and they noticed a very large bulge in his swimmers.

“Oh my,” Chloe said softly, “how old is Ben again?”

“He’s 19, nearly 20,” Lauren replied.

“Oh wow and does he have a girlfriend Lauren?”

“Yes, a real little bitch named Amy.” Lauren said spitefully.

“God, lucky her,” Chloe purred before breaking into soft laughter.

Lauren remembered. That evening Chloe and Lauren got all dressed up and went to a few clubs. Lauren broke her chastity rule, and with Chloe picked up a young guy each and took them home – both guys bore a striking resemblance to Ben. Both women were in such a desperate state – they were at it with their guy as soon as the bedroom door was locked. Lauren felt no need to keep the noise down, even though Ben was at home. The sounds coming out of Lauren’s bedroom would have been enough to wake the dead and the same went for Chloe, and the sounds coming out of her bedroom in her house across town.

And Ben did hear his mother at it from across the hall while he was trying to sleep. Ben could hear Lauren spanking her partner with a sharp hard smack. Then Ben could hear the young man groaning and Ben deduced correctly that his mother was sucking the guys cock. But then soon enough Lauren’s laughter had turned into moans and Ben could hear their hips smacking together softly though his mother’s bedroom door and Ben’s bedroom door. It was a noisy night and Ben didn’t get much sleep – he lay there with a hard penis, jealous, and annoyed that he hadn’t slept at Amy’s.

More long term, however, something had changed. Lauren and Chloe realised that Ben really was a man and that realisation caused them to look at him differently and to treat him differently. Chloe and Lauren wanted to get to know him all over again and they did. And Ben was such a sweet guy and willing to talk – a natural respectful funny gentleman. Lauren realised much to her amazement and fear that she was falling in love with Ben. It happened one evening over dinner – just the three of them were there: Lauren, Chloe and Ben, and they were having a drink after eating when it happened. Lauren couldn’t look at Chloe and she regarded her son red-faced. Lauren had looked at her beautiful son with fresh eyes and an open heart and she had fallen for him.

Lauren didn’t realise it at the time, but her sister Chloe was grappling with the same sort of problem she was. Chloe’s problem with Ben had started a week before Lauren became aware of how she felt about Ben, during those after dinner drinks. She had been talking to her nephew about his college experiences when she just started falling for him. It was so bizarre, but it was there nonetheless. Chloe just couldn’t take her eyes off Ben’s soft lips and his big blue eyes – she barely listened to anything he said.

Ben’s mother took the first truly courageous step and told her sister over the phone how she was feeling – that she thought she was falling in love with her son. Chloe had drawn a deep breath and admitted – with many apologies – that she was having similar feelings for Ben as well. Then they each took an opposing position: Lauren felt she was crazy and a bad mother, but she wanted to see how Ben felt about the idea, she wanted to try it out. She wanted to be with Ben. Chloe on the other hand had just said no, neither of them could do something like that to Ben – incestuous love was just plain wrong.

Eight harrowing and unsatisfying months passed without either woman doing anything at all to move their relationship with Ben forward. All they had done was medicate themselves with more and more sex, in Chloe’s case and in Lauren’s case more bourbon and cigarettes. Lauren had listened to Chloe and heeded her harsh advice and stayed away from Ben, but it had done neither of them any good. Lauren was bitter and unhappy and taking it out on Amy and now Ben, and Chloe was bar-hopping and taking home random young guys and getting her brains fucked out.

Now finally, Chloe had given Lauren her guarded approval to do something after all those months of personal and sexual frustration. Chloe had recommended that Lauren seduce Ben and that sounded like the right way to go. What else could be done: both women were still in love with Ben and something had to be done about the situation. Lauren at least couldn’t go on like this anymore – her career and her livelihood, her piece of mind and happiness were all in jeopardy. Chloe was right: Lauren had to seduce Ben and it had to work, no matter what the cost.

Lauren had a nice hot shower after a few more hours of sleep. She still felt seedy, but she felt more positive about her situation now that she had a plan. After stepping out of the shower and drying herself off she appraised herself in the full length mirror – that little bitch had something to worry about, that was for sure, Lauren thought. Lauren was 5 foot, 10 inches tall with long soft subtle red hair, blue grey eyes and creamy skin with the slightest hint of a tan. She worked out almost every day, swimming laps in the pool or working up a sweat on the treadmill, so her tummy was hard and her ass was tight. Lauren assessed herself correctly and without undue bragging – she was a beautiful woman at 46 with a body that so many men had salivated over and some lucky ones had penetrated.

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