A Date with Mother Nature

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Maybe it was wishful thinking to not check the weather forecast before I headed out. I had been itching to go hiking all winter. At the first sign of spring, I grabbed my backpack and went for a long walk in the Hoosier National Forest.

The weather started out beautiful. I could smell the pollen floating from the flowers, hear the wind rustling through the branches. The rocky trail threaded through dense parts of the Indiana forest, difficult enough that I didn’t expect to see any others that day. I wasn’t worried, though. I was a petite woman but I kept in shape. I had my phone and a hunting knife if either were needed.

By midmorning the clouds were converging. I didn’t mind the cool air as I stopped by a stream to rest. I watched the clear water washing away the dregs of winter, dead leaves and branches floating to a distant grave. My own life had just gone through its own renewal. My girlfriend of three years had finally moved out, after realizing I was never going to propose. Something about commitment, she said. If we could get married in some nine other states, why didn’t we? I didn’t want to be a wife, I said. She didn’t want to canlı bahis be my girlfriend, she said. And that was the end of that.

Mother Nature could be my girlfriend, I thought as I watched the water. She’s a little moody but always there.

By noon I had reached the midway point, but the weather was turning. I could hear thunder I’m the distance, and the clouds kept covering the sun. The air was thick with humidity and actually made my light jacket feel hot. I started to look for shelter when the sun disappeared altogether. If I had been in town, I probably would have heard the sirens blasting out a warning. I found a small cave as big droplets of water started to fall. I sat on the ground and watched the trees filter the rain.

I must have mistook her footsteps for falling rain. Her shadow blended in perfectly with the tree leaves. I didn’t see her at all until she was right in front of me. Light brown skin, dark brown hair, a beauty from the cradle of civilization. Instead of veils, she was clothed with only the rain. From the lines on her face, I could see she was older, but whether it was years or centuries I couldn’t tell. Her bahis siteleri curves were still firm and sensual.

The inside of the cave was instantly warm but not damp. She looked down at me, seeming to question my clothes and backpack. I knew she wanted something from me. She was the Earth’s landlord, here to collect the rent. I didn’t have anything to give her. What would she want with my backpack, made of synthetic fibers, or my granola bars, stuffed with who knew what preservatives?

She kept looking at me, and I knew what I wanted. Cautiously I approached her and extended my hand. She took it with a warm smile. Emboldened, I pulled her close into a kiss. Her mouth was soft and wet, and she smelled like rich soil and a smoky fire. I wrapped my arms around her. I felt warm as she nestled against me.

She ran her hands down my back and pulled my shirt from my pants. She rubbed the muscles on my chest and arms, exploring my body like a healer. I felt the warmth emanating from her hands down into my core. I broke away to throw off my shirt and start unbuttoning my pants.

She stood back and watched with a bemused smile. Finally bahis şirketleri I was as naked as she was, but not nearly as warm. I pulled her close again and let her heat envelope me like the sunshine. We laid on the dusty ground of the cave and kissed. I ran my hands over her soft shoulders and down her back before filling then with the roundness of her bottom. As she pushed against me, I felt the wetness between her legs corresponding to my own.

I gently rolled her over and slid a finger into her hot folds. She moaned and started grinding against my palm. I leaned over her round breasts and took a nipple into my mouth. She squirmed as I sucked on one dark nub and then the other. She started to tremble against my hand, tightening around my finger and sucking me in.

When I traced my tongue down to her stomach, I saw the pale stretch marks on her hips. Inhaling her smoky scent, I licked at her hot, tight wetness. She grasped at my back and lifted her hips to meet me. I felt her trembling again as I pulled up to kiss her. We ground against each other, our moans lost in the sound of the rain. Finally I gasped with my own orgasm. I kissed her mouth and collapsed into her warmth.

When I awoke, I was wearing my clothes and the sun was shining again. She was gone. I gathered my backpack and started out of the cave. I wouldn’t mind another date with Mother Nature.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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