A Dark Desire Ch. 02

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Alex Tanner

The New Year brought a fresh fall of snow. Mike returned to work and attempted to restore a degree of normality to his life. His desires had been realised rather more quickly than he had imagined and now he had the prospect of further escapades. To say he was consumed with guilt would be an exaggeration, but he certainly did feel a certain amount of self reproach for leading his niece in the way he had. He hadn’t exactly seduced her, but somehow taken advantage of her good will and her naivety. He stopped short of guilt, simply because she was his step niece and was at least gaining experience with someone who loved her rather than a stranger who might hurt her. It was with such crumbs of comfort that he was able to sleep, since he knew how much he was betraying his sister.

He arranged his next meeting by email and Nathalie agreed to come round to see him after college on the Wednesday. Another visit to Uncle Mike’s would not have raised suspicion, but might seem odd, so she told her Mum she was going to a friend’s house. She arrived around five thirty, so Mike left work earlier, so he could be in when she arrived. It was still well below zero and she turned up in her grey, fur-hooded coat, which Mike loved to see her in.

‘Hi cutie!’

‘Hi Mike, it’s freezing!’

‘I know, it’s going to be frosty. Do you want a coffee to warm you up?’

‘Yes please.’

Nathalie unfastened the toggles on her coat and put her arms out inviting an embrace. Mike put his arms round her and squeezed her tightly. He looked at her sparkly eyes and kissed her cute nose. She wrinkled her nose and smiled broadly. Mike thought how beautifully cute she looked and without thinking gave her a kiss full on the lips.

‘Ah why did you do that?’

‘You’re just so kissable Nat. Is it OK?’

‘Yes, I guess. Just seems odd kissing you.’

‘I didn’t think about it. Can I do it again?’

‘In a bit, when I’ve settled in. I want my coffee!’

‘OK babe, go and sit down, I’ll sort it.’

Mike joined her in his sitting room. It was warm and cosy and Nathalie had made herself comfortable among the cushions. She took a few sips of her coffee and warmed her hands round the mug.

‘A good day at college?’


‘How is Hayley?’

‘Yes, good thanks.’

‘Good. Have you been OK with everything Nat, no regrets?’

‘Yes, it’s fine Mike. I enjoyed it last time. What would you like to do today?’

‘Well, I thought celtabet giriş maybe we could shower together and then go in my bedroom.’

‘Shower, wow! OK, it sounds like fun.’

‘I can’t wait to see you fully naked and soap you all over.’

‘Awww OK!’



‘Will you let me cum in your mouth again? I enjoyed that.’

‘Yes, if that’s what you want. You can do anything you want Mike as long as it doesn’t hurt! Ha ha.’

‘I would never, ever hurt you Nat, I love you too much. I just think you’re so beautiful and coming in your mouth turns me on.’

‘I know!’

When they had finished their coffees, Mike stood up and suggested that they go up stairs. He led Nathalie by the hand to the bathroom. He had a large walk-in shower and had recently decorated the walls with blue paper, which had little silver and orange dolphins dotted about it. It was warm in the bathroom from the central heating and he began to undress his niece, unbuttoning her cardigan first from to bottom. Her white brassiere was next to come off and he stood behind her and cupped each breast in his hands, fondling them till his cock was bursting out of his pants. Nathalie unfastened his trousers as Mike continued to play with her tits. She had his boxers off and weighed his balls in her hand and stroked his cock playfully.

Mike knelt down and rolled her leggings over her lovely ass, savouring her toned legs as he pulled them off over her feet. Her bottom was firm and peachy. Mike pulled down her panties and bit her ass cheeks. Moving round to her front, he looked up at her and held her hands.

‘You’re beautiful Nat, truly beautiful.’

As he nuzzled her short, dark pubes. he could smell a heady scent wafting from her pussy. It made his cock twitch as the room filled with teenage pheromones. He stood in front of her and rubbed the end of his cock on her pink pussy lips. They began to glisten with her sticky sweet virgin juices. Mike pulled off his shirt and worked the shower sprinkler briefly and they entered the shower. The hot water soon had the glass steamed up as they sponged each other into a soapy lather. Mike concentrated on her boobs, which felt so soft and smooth in his hands. He turned her round and she soaped up his manhood as he adjusted the nozzle on the shower head and worked the fine jet of water over her body, starting with her breasts. Her nipples became erect and she shuddered as he continued down her celtabet yeni giriş belly and onto her sexy mound. The soapy rivers of water were running over her body like the Amazon delta. Mike could have bathed her all day.

When they had dried off, Nathalie followed her uncle into his bedroom, him in his dressing gown, she with a large towel wrapped round herself. He pulled the towel away and kissed her breasts. Her nipples were still firm from the shower and he flicked them playfully with his tongue.

‘You said you wanted to kiss me again Mike.’

Mike stood in front of her and gazed into her eyes with unbound desire and kissed her passionately. She responded equally. Her full lips and tongue were open to his kisses, sucking on his lip as she pulled him towards her. His cock was bursting with lust for this girl, who just happened to be his niece. It was all he could do not to come there and then as he was grinding against her.

‘Lie on the bed babe, I want to taste your pussy.’

She lay down and opened her legs, her lips puffed with her arousal. She was oozing with her love juice and Mike lapped up the honey working it along the rosy slit, which was so inviting, longing to be explored by his tongue. She moaned and gripped the bed clothes with both hands as he reached her clitoris. He flicked her little button, sucking on it and playing with it until she was writhing on the bed. Her first orgasm was long and gentle, punctuated with little moans and whines.

As she recovered from her first experience of clitoral stimulation Mike offered his cock into her mouth as she still lay on the bed. He was so hard, she could feel the throbbing in her mouth as she sucked on it, at the same time stroking his balls with her hand. Mike fucked her mouth like this for a minute or so and felt the burning, urgent sensation deep inside his groin of his orgasm. He pulled out and wanked himself, working himself up and groaned almost as if in pain as he launched his cum into her open mouth. A second stream of spunk shot along the length of her face before the rest pumped on to her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She swallowed it as Mike rubbed his cock over her face, working the glaze over her nose and cheeks.

‘Ah baby, that was amazing – again!’

‘Hmmm…I enjoyed what you did with your tongue. I could get used to that.’

‘My pleasure.’


‘Yes babe.’

‘I think I might be ready to go all celtabet güvenilirmi the way next time, that’s if you want to.’

‘If you’re absolutely sure Nat. I would be honoured to.’

‘I’m sure I’m ready. It feels right.’

‘OK, well next time then.’

‘Give me a hundred pounds today then and the next one can be free. It don’t seem right paying for sex.’

‘Ha ha, OK hun.’

‘Can we stay snuggled up here for a while, I don’t want to go yet.’

‘Yes, sure, you’re welcome to treat this as your home., while you’re here.’


Nathalie kissed him on the nose and cuddled up to him on the bed.

‘What will you spend the money on?’

‘I don’t know, clothes, CDs – the normal stuff. It means I can save my money from my part time job.’

‘Hmmm, good thinking.’

‘Also, it means I won’t suddenly have lots of extra things to explain away, but my savings build up!’

‘Ooh very shrewd Nat, I like it!’

Mike snuggled up to her and they kissed for a while as his cock began to harden again. Nathalie didn’t need to be asked. She rolled his balls around her palm as her tongue rolled up and down his shaft. She combined her mouth work with a gentle stroking of her fingers along his length until he was twitching with pleasure. Mike pointed to his fraenulum and Nathalie obliged by giving him little kisses on the spot. She wanted to make him happy again and drooled over his dick before taking him deep in her mouth. She sucked and jerked him quickly as he fondled her breasts, which were squashed against his thighs. She brought him closer and closer and then at the last second rolled on to her back, as Mike, gripping his tool unloaded his cum into her mouth. This time his aim was good and she got three good streaks of spunk, which she was only too happy to gulp down.

‘Ah Nathalie, you really like it don’t you!’

‘I like to make you happy!’

‘Well, you certainly did that. You get me so horny!’

They got dressed and Nathalie was shocked when she realised how time had flown, so she was an hour later than she had expected. She texted her Mum to let her know she was on her way home. The last thing she wanted was for her Mum to be enquiring of her whereabouts with friends. She reproached herself for that.

‘We need to be careful Mike, what if Mum had phoned Kayleigh and found me not there?’

‘I know. I suppose you could have said you mentioned the wrong girl, but I agree this is a lesson to be careful.’

It was bitterly cold and icy when they got outside. Mike drove her to the bottom of her road and waited till he saw her go through the gate. He returned home on cloud nine and looked forward to Nathalie’s next visit and another of their secret liaisons.

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