A Chat with Dad

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Here’s a story that didn’t survive my Literotica purge in 2014, but I finally managed to track it down thanks to the magic of the Web Archive. Once again, I’m glad to have everything I’ve written online, and with this last story republished, that goal is now complete.

As always, thanks for reading!



I don’t know what it is about the Spring and Summer months that make me so damn horny, but once again the urge came over me one Friday night in November. Feeling in one of my moods for a one night stand, I texted my more sociable friends, but nobody was free to go out partying… as usual. “Sorry Violet, way too tired” was the gist of the replies from my friends who had no right to be tired after a Friday. For God’s sake, we’re all uni students studying a Bachelor of Arts; no lecturer in their right mind ever schedules their class on a Friday in that faculty.

Months ago, I swore to myself that I’d never do this again after, but dirty old habits die hard when you’re faced with no other options, I guess. I said goodnight to my dad, brushed my teeth and got changed for bed (a loose cotton nightie, pink bikini brief underwear, and my long, dark brown hair tied in a ponytail), then opened up my faithful MacBook and logged into the Literotica Chat room, heading straight for the Family Roleplay room. Don’t ask me what it is, but goddamn if I don’t love helping old men jerk off. Plus, it comes with the added bonus of helping me live out my fantasies about my own father. Yes, I’m sexually attracted to my father, and I’m not ashamed of it… just don’t tell any of my friends or other family, okay?

The night I made the promise to myself that I’d quit my “chatroom whoring” (as I took to calling it), I stayed up well past 5 AM chatting to an exceptionally charming and sexy old man in America, who are between 16 and 19 hours behind Australia. But anyway, this particular story is neither about that 5 AM chat or the world’s time zones, so I’ll stop digressing now.

Not long after logging in as my trusty screen name, I was placed in the Family Roleplay room along with more than 80 other people. This part played out like any other night: Probably half of them immediately requested a private chat with me, without so much as saying “Hello”, while almost every other “Daddy” who tried chatting to me sent me obnoxiously macho messages such as “If you were my daughter I’d make you get on your knees and suck my cock all night before I stuck it in your slutty cunt”. Ugh, how charming. But then, the diamond in the rough found me and sent me a short, polite little private message. Here’s the transcript of what happened next, with my commentary added when I felt it was necessary…

[22:49:31] Gentleman Daddy (whisper to you): Good evening, how are you? Hope I’m not interrupting

[22:50:11] horny-daughter (whisper to Gentleman Daddy): hey, no you’re not, it’s boring here tonight

[22:50:28] horny-daughter (whisper to Gentleman Daddy): i’m good btw, how are you?

[22:51:25] Gentleman Daddy (whisper to you): Well, that’s certainly a relief. I’m quite well thank you. Would you mind terribly if we chatted in private? The whispering system is a little irritating for my tastes…

[22:51:46] horny-daughter (whisper to Gentleman Daddy): sure, only because you’re being such a gentleman lol

[22:53:18] Gentleman Daddy has entered the room Gentleman Daddy : horny_daughter

[22:53:36] Gentleman Daddy: Ah yes, this is much better.

[22:53:48] horny-daughter: yeah it is

[22:54:42] Gentleman Daddy: So, may I ask one of the most cliched questions a man can ask in this chat? “What brings you here?”

[22:55:02] horny-daughter: you’re right, that’s very cliched lol

(After years of sporadically chatting about incest online, I was thoroughly sick of answering this question, so I didn’t really feel bad about being smart in my reply. Still, I gave the man points for recognising it as an overused question.)

[22:55:47] horny-daughter: ummm, i’m here because none of my friends went out partying and as you probably guessed from the name, i’m horny.

[22:56:31] Gentleman Daddy: It always amazes me just how honest young women are these days…

[22:57:05] Gentleman Daddy: And I suppose your choice of screen name also indicates a certain fetish of yours, my dear?

[22:57:39] horny-daughter: i guess you could say that, yeah, i do have a thing for my father

[22:58:33] Gentleman Daddy: Certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and you’ve come to the right place I’d say. So, tell me about your dad, if you don’t mind?

[23:00:10] horny-daughter: um, what is there to tell? i find him very sexy, i love his chubby tummy, i love the way he makes me laugh, and he’s always been so lovely to me and mum

[23:00:50] Gentleman Daddy: And have you tried telling daddy how you feel?

[23:00:59] horny-daughter: god no!

[23:01:40] horny-daughter: i’m way too scared to say anything to him, he’d probably freak out.. and to answer any other cliched questions esenyurt escort you may have, i’ve never peeked at dad even though i would if i had the chance, and both my parents would shoot me if i dressed provocatively around the house

[23:02:38] Gentleman Daddy: Little lady, if my daughter came up to me and told me she was in love with me and wanted to be with me, skimpy outfit or not, I wouldn’t hesitate…I’d throw myself at her right then and there, marriage be damned!

[23:03:15] horny-daughter: lol, well, doing that requires a hell of a lot more confidence than i have

[23:03:51] Gentleman Daddy: Changing the subject lightly, if you don’t mind…

[23:04:00] horny-daughter: no, go ahead

[23:04:35] Gentleman Daddy: You said your daddy was still married to your “mum”… I assume you’re not American… Can I ask where you’re from, my dear?

[23:04:44] horny-daughter: australia

[23:05:05] Gentleman Daddy: Oh wow, me too! What state? I’m in NSW

[23:05:28] horny-daughter: so am i. coffs harbour

[23:06:32] Gentleman Daddy: You’ve got to be kidding! I live in Coffs as well! If I could dare to be so rude as to ask… what’s your name, sweetheart? And how old are you?

(Up to this point, I’d been honest to the point that I thought I’d given away too much true information, so I followed the “internet safety” advice I was told back in high school: Give a fake name and age to throw off stalkers. Besides, who was I hurting by making horny-daughter 2 years younger than I really was?)

[23:07:16] horny-daughter: uh, i’m ellen, 19

[23:07:39] Gentleman Daddy: So you’re definitely not my daughter then. God, can you imagine?

[23:07:51] horny-daughter: lol yeah, that would be insane

[23:08:31] horny-daughter: so what is it about your daughter that you’d be willing to ignore your vows to your wife?

[23:08:55] Gentleman Daddy: Harsh wording of your question there, Ellen…

[23:09:01] horny-daughter: sorry

[23:09:17] Gentleman Daddy: No, it’s okay, I guess it’s true

[23:09:21] Gentleman Daddy: Anyway

[23:10:37] Gentleman Daddy: I don’t know what it is about her, she’s not my usual type, actually… she’s got these adorable little tits, she’s a brunette…but despite that, God, she’s such an amazing young woman, so funny and such a beautiful face, and she just has this way of making you feel like the best dad in the world

(A faint spark lit in my mind as I read “Gentleman Daddy’s” description of his daughter. Sure, that could describe me, but it could also describe virtually every skinny girl with dark hair. And God knows there’s enough in Coffs.)

[23:11:08] horny-daughter: well you sound very lucky, even if you’re not sleeping with her lol

[23:11:50] Gentleman Daddy: Believe me, Ellen, I know it. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, but goddamn if I don’t want to do some filthy things with her

[23:12:10] horny-daughter: like what?

[23:12:27] Gentleman Daddy: You certainly are a horny daughter tonight, you know that?

[23:12:32] horny-daughter: lol i know

(I was pretty horny, and I was getting just a little bored of the fact-talk; time to turn this chat towards the naughty side.)

[23:13:52] Gentleman Daddy: so, i started off fantasing about sucking her tiny tits while she rode my cock, for one… also i’d love to feel what her pretty little mouth would be like when she’s sucking me off

[23:14:27] horny-daughter: mmmm that is pretty hot, i know i’d kill for the chance to ride my daddy’s cock

[23:15:06] Gentleman Daddy: Yeah, I’m stroking myself through my boxers just thinking about it

[23:15:51] horny-daughter: mmmmmm i’m playing too, rubbing my clit back and forth thinking about sucking and fucking my daddy

(No lies here; that was the truth. For some reason, I’ve always found it way more comfortable to masturbate sitting upright as opposed to lying down in bed, so I was quite content to masturbate during my chats. By this point, I was quite an expert at balancing a laptop on my lap while masturbating.)

[23:16:57] horny-daughter: and i don’t know why but i’ve always wanted to smell his neck while i kissed my way down from his face to his hairy chest

[23:17:13] Gentleman Daddy: Oooh, that would feel great for me too, honey

[23:18:09] Gentleman Daddy: And I know this is kinda sappy for this kind of chat, but God I want to hold her as she falls asleep in my arms like we did when she was little

[23:18:33] horny-daughter: aaaaawwww, that’s sweet daddy, that’s not sappy at all

[23:19:05] Gentleman Daddy: I’m glad that didn’t frighten you off, LOL

[23:19:55] horny-daughter: oh no, you’ll have to do better than that 😛

(The chat had been awfully focused on me at this point, so I decided to turn the tables. I could tell he wasn’t up for the naughty fun I desired, but he was too damn nice to just start ignoring.)

[23:20:05] horny-daughter: so…can i ask daddy how old he is?

[23:20:30] avrupa yakası escort Gentleman Daddy: Absolutely, dear. I’m just shy of 45

[23:21:17] horny-daughter: just a couple years younger than my real daddy

[23:21:56] Gentleman Daddy: And you’re a couple years younger than my daughter, LOL

[23:22:18] horny-daughter: lol that’s random

[23:24:19] horny-daughter: so… what does your daughter do?

[23:25:11] Gentleman Daddy: She lives with my wife and me while she’s studying a Bachelor of Arts at uni

(The only actual words I recall thinking when I read that reply were “Holy fucking fuck no fucking fuck.” Somehow, amongst all the swearing, I reminded myself that there were almost 15,000 people at my university, and almost 30,000 people in Coffs Harbour. Anything else would just be too big a coincidence. ‘Now quick! Reply before he gets suspicious!’ I told myself.)

[23:25:48] horny-daughter: wow, no kidding, that’s what i’m going to do next year lol, maybe i’ll see your daughter around campus lol

[23:26:39] Gentleman Daddy: Haha, yeah, that’s certainly a possibility. Tell ya what, if you do, tell her that daddy wants her, won’t you? Kidding!

[23:26:53] horny-daughter: lol, you’re so weird daddy

(It was time to rule out any doubt in my mind, if only for my own sanity.)

[23:28:26] horny-daughter: all this time you’ve known my name but i don’t know yours…are you getting tired of me calling you daddy?

[23:28:32] Gentleman Daddy: Oh, not at all

[23:29:02] Gentleman Daddy: …But, in the interests of fair play, I suppose I should live up to my screen name and be a gentleman

[23:29:23] Gentleman Daddy: Name’s Stephen

(Again, my ever so eloquent mind spoke up: “”Shit no fucking fuck shitting fuck shit.”

Clearly, Dad didn’t get the internet safety talk when he was at school. But he was vain enough to make himself 3 years younger? Such is the world we live in.

Once more, I reminded myself to reply before I started to look weird.)

[23:29:51] horny-daughter: nice to meet you, stephen

(Keep the conversation moving, goddamn it, Violet!)

[23:30:38] horny-daughter: so, have you told your daughter about the feelings you have for her?

[23:31:57] Gentleman Daddy: I’m afraid not… Just like you, I’m much too scared of being rejected. Then again, I think I have more reason to be – I can’t think of a man alive who’d turn down an opportunity to sleep with a beautiful young girl, regardless of whether he was related to her!

[23:32:31] horny-daughter: that’s sweet of you to say, dad

(Something flirty and light, perhaps with a hint for him?)

[23:33:01] horny-daughter: if you manage to be half as sweet to your daughter in real life, i’m sure she’d be powerless to resist you

[23:33:23] Gentleman Daddy: Now that’s just about the nicest compliment that anyone’s given to me on here in quite some time

[23:33:32] horny-daughter: it’s only the truth

[23:33:41] Gentleman Daddy: And I appreciate it, Ellen

(Just one more question to remove all doubt.)

[23:34:48] horny-daughter: so where’s your daughter now? if you don’t mind me asking?

[23:35:20] Gentleman Daddy: She went to bed about an hour ago, apparently nothing was happening tonight so she decided to call it a night. And my wife is a nurse at the hospital, doing the night shift, so we’ve got all the time we want as far as I’m concerned, Ellen

(So yeah, I’d definitely been talking to Dad about my feelings for him. With the amount of adrenaline that was pumping through my entire body, it was getting harder to keep my shaking hands still enough to type, but somehow I managed.)

[23:35:31] horny-daughter: good to hear

[23:35:52] Gentleman Daddy: Now, forgive me for once again being incredibly forward, but …do you ever do any roleplaying on here?

(Nope, there was no fucking way I was going to have make-believe sex with my own father.)

[23:37:01] horny-daughter: if you’d asked me about half an hour ago, daddy, i would’ve jumped at the chance, but despite the great conversation, i’m starting to get the nods here, so i should probably get going

(How to soften the blow so he doesn’t think you’re running away from him?)

[23:37:22] horny-daughter: i’ll definitely be having some sweet dreams thanks to our little chat, daddy!

[23:38:17] Gentleman Daddy: Oh? Oh, well that’s a shame, but I guess I understand… It was great meeting you, Ellen. If only my own daughter could be like you, we’d all be happy!

[23:38:22] horny-daughter: lol

[23:38:41] Gentleman Daddy: Best of luck with your father, if you ever decide to pursue anything with him

[23:38:55] horny-daughter: thanks, and you too for your daughter

[23:39:16] Gentleman Daddy: Thank you, Ellen. Sleep well…you’ll be in my dirty thoughts tonight too!

(Not many other girls have had their Dad essentially say “I’m anadolu yakası escort going to wank about you tonight.” Of that I can be certain.

There was time to be flattered later; right now, I just had to get offline and think.)

[23:39:23] horny-daughter: xoxoxo

[23:39:27] You have signed out of Literotica Chat

With that, I shut the screen and slid my MacBook under my bed faster than I’d ever done in my life. Sitting up in my bed, I raised my hands, still shaking, to my temples and pressed, trying to stop my brain from exploding from all this new information. The world started spinning and swirling as though I’d been drinking. Deep breaths, and many of them eventually stopped the spinning, but did nothing to help me deal with the fact that I’d just spent almost an hour flirting with my own father, telling him that I masturbated to him, telling him what I wanted to do to him in bed… Then I realised that I’d also spent almost an hour with my Dad flirting with me, telling me that he masturbates to me, telling me what he’d want to do to me in bed… I didn’t even mind that he called my breasts “tiny”. Truth be told, yeah, I’ve got a medium A cup at best. But hell, at least they’re still perky. That was when my hand found its way back into my panties without me even realising.

Replaying the chat in my head, I ran my index and middle fingers over my clitoris, marvelling at just how wet I had already become. I thought about Dad telling me that he’d like to suck my “little tits” and my spare hand started gently pinching and tweaking my nipples. I thought about riding my Dad’s cock as he sucked my nipples, and I started rubbing my clit faster and harder.

I spread my legs, leaned my head back against the head of my bed, looked up at the dark ceiling and heard my own breathing getting faster, shallower, more urgent as I thought about Dad sitting in his bed, jerking his cock as he thought his own dirty thoughts about me. The orgasm came quickly, sweeping me up in its waves of pleasure as they took over from my body, radiating out from my crotch. I kept rubbing until the wave subsided and paused only to lift my arse above the bed, slide my panties down my legs and kick them across the room. Sitting back down, now I was ready for round two.

Resuming my position with my head leaning back on the bed-head, I started rubbing my clitoris again, side-to-side with two fingers, as always. My mind was swimming with imagined pictures of my father and me in various positions in his bed, me on top, him on top, laying on our sides with him behind me, riding him side-saddle, him doing me “doggy style”, me sucking his dick, him licking my clit; the list was endless, and my second orgasm came quickly. Less intense than my first of the night, admittedly, I was disappointed with round two, so I was eager to begin round three.

Still rubbing, with no break this time, I imagined walking to his room, fully naked, knocking on the door, and him inviting me in. I’d whisper “I was your horny-daughter tonight, Daddy” then kiss him on the mouth, tasting his mouth, as he would embrace me with his hands sliding confidently down from my back to my arse cheeks, squeezing them gently in his warm hands. I’d then grab his hardening dick through his boxers as he moaned into my mouth. I’d slide his boxers off and he’d guide me to the bed, lay me down, take off his shirt and mount me, entering me with his big hard cock, whispering my name in my ear as I whispered “Dad” into his… And that’s when I came for the third time. It caught me off guard, throwing my head forward, and I felt almost paralysed as I watched my hand moving back and forth above my freshly waxed pussy, as I imagined Dad fucking me that night. I bit my lower lip to stifle an orgasmic moan. The pleasure waves exploding throughout my body again, I shuddered continuously until Lucky Number Three faded.

It felt like an age had passed since I closed my laptop, but my bedside clock informed me that it had just turned 12:14 AM. Regardless of what he did after I signed off the chat, Dad would still be awake. Every rational part of me was screaming at me when I decided to do what I did. Thankfully, both of my parents have raised me to be an incredibly stubborn woman, so I simply ignored everything that was saying “No” and embraced the parts of my body that was screaming “Yes.”

I swung my legs off the side of the bed and stood up, my strength thankfully quick to return after my three orgasms. I debated between finding my underpants, grabbing a clean pair, or going without, and chose the latter. Yes, I was feeling exceptionally confident and bold (and, I guess, slutty) that night. Jus to be safe, though, I kept my nightie on.

I made my way out of my room and towards Mum and Dad’s room as silently as I could. With each step, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster in my chest. By the time I was at the door, my heart was pumping so loud I could hear and feel it in my ears, threatening to explode my head after tonight’s earlier attempt failed. Once I knocked quietly on the door, the pounding in my chest stopped.

There were a few seconds of agonising silence before I heard Dad shuffling out of bed and flicking on the light before he opened the door. I tried to peek at his crotch, seeing if he was still hard from our chat. Sadly, his loose shirt that he sleeps in hung too far over his boxers, obscuring my view of his crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32