A Bad Influence Ch. 02

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It had been three days since Alistair had been seduced by Katie. A virgin when he started he was rapidly getting more experienced. She had gone out with her friends this evening and it was the first night they hadn’t spent together, it was only 8.30, but he was feeling frustrated already.

He’d tried watching a film, but every shot of naked flesh had reminded him of Katie and when it got to a sex scene he turned it off impatiently. Then he tried doing some seminar preparation for the next week, but his mind kept wandering.

It was as if all the sexual frustration since he hit puberty, five years’ worth, was erupting, let loose by the last few days. He seemed to have a constant hard on and was assessing every woman he saw as either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ – and not many of them were being rejected.

When he’d tossed his work aside impatiently his mind started to fill, again, with all those disturbing, erotic images that had been bothering him since the weekend. He kept thinking of Katie’s beautiful, creamy skin, sweet pink nipples and the dark musky clefts and hollows between her legs.

His hand crept down, now, as he thought about this. Slowly he began to run his hand up and down the hot, hard shaft of his dick. He knew Katie was bisexual and this thought combined itself with the images of all the women he had been looking at over the last few days.

He visualised scenes akin to some kind of harem; filled with rounded, nubile flesh, rich curves, sweet scents and swathes of long silky hair. Katie was at the centre of this feast of nudity, being petted and caressed by dozens of hands, all stroking, squeezing, penetrating.

Full, pink lips closed around her nipples and as the visual grew he inserted himself into the scene and had one of the voluptuous beauties kneel in front of him and start sucking his cock.

He could almost feel the hot, rippling motion of her mouth on his penis. Katie was amazing at blow jobs and every time she went down on him she blew his mind as well as his cock with the sheer, ecstatic pleasure of her mouth.

His stroking grew more frenetic as the images went through his mind but the release, when it came, gave him no relief. If anything it only heightened his arousal and he groaned as his cock sprang back into hardness almost immediately.

He tried to ignore it and watched some more of his film, then gave in and masturbated again with much the same result. At last he fell into a restless doze filled with vivid dreams where he was copulating repeatedly with a multitude of women.

He was woken just after midnight by someone trying to get the duvet over him. His eyes were glued shut with sleep, so the first clue he had as to his visitor was the smell of sweat and perfume mixed with alcohol and cigarette smoke.

As his nose identified Katie’s perfume, he smiled and forced his eyes open.

“Did you have a good night?”

“Yeah, it was great. Sorry for waking you up, I popped in to see if you were awake and I didn’t want you getting cold.”

“That’s Ok,” he said, “I was only dozing. I’m glad you came to see me, I’ve been thinking about you all evening.”

As he said this he put his arms around her waist and pulled her down on top of him on the bed.

“Oh have you now? Bet I know what you were thinking about,” she said cheekily, as she ran her hand over the impressive bulge of his crotch.

“I take it you’re… amenable…?” he muttered into her neck as he slid his hand up her leg and under her skirt.

“Oh, I’m sure we could come to some arrangement,” she said, tugging his t-shirt over his head.

He started kissing her then, and there was no more talking, only muffled sighs and groans as their tongues entwined and their hips ground against each other in a fully-dressed simulation of sex.

His hand was still on her bottom under her skirt and he squeezed it as he kissed her, breathing in the sexy smell of cigarettes, alcohol and sweat that should have been vile but was intensely erotic in this situation.

As he kissed her, he remembered the harem he had imagined earlier and almost bit through her lip as the blood surged through him igniting his body. She moaned with pleasure and pain as she felt his teeth and pushed his head down to her cleavage.

He pushed up her top and wrenched down the cups of her bra so they gathered underneath her breasts, forcing them upwards so the nipples were pointing at him. He took one pink, full nipple between his lips and clamped down on it firmly, using his lips to shield his teeth.

She sighed and thrust her chest towards him, encouraging him to be firmer with her; cause more pain. He flicked his eyes up gaziantep escort for confirmation, then bared his teeth and bit down on her nipple.

She gasped in pain, then moaned with pleasure.

“Again!” She murmured. “Harder!”

He bit down again, harder this time, whilst also squeezing her bottom with one hand and pinching her other nipple with his free hand, rolling it between his fingers and tugging on it.

She was squirming and writhing in excitement, enjoying the rough treatment and encouraging him to be rougher still.

When his hand slipped under the edge of her panties and started stroking the lips of her pussy she mewled and grabbed at his trousers, struggling to undo them quickly.

When she had them down round his knees along with his underwear she took the heavy weight of his balls in her hand and scooted down the bed so her head was level with his groin.

Teasingly she flicked her tongue at the shaft of his penis, running it up and down very lightly, creating a tickling sensation. When she got bored with this she flicked it across the head, tasting briefly the salty juice of his excitement.

After what seemed hours of this tantalising tongue-action she took the head into her mouth and let her saliva flow round it, then swirled her tongue around and around, fully encompassing the bulging tip of his cock.

Poor Alistair, after his day of frustration, was being driven mad by this skilled prick teasing. Thrusting his hips up availed nothing, as she just moved her head away and begging was no more successful.

Then, thank Heaven, the entire length of his cock was in her mouth. He could feel the flutter of her throat against him as she swallowed and he had to take her head in his hands and pull away from her.

“Stop! I want to fuck you Katie, feel myself inside you. Please?”

She smiled at him, then looked coyly up at him through her lashes.

“Ok,” she said, “but only if you go down on me first.”

He smiled tensely. He loved the taste of her and going down on her was one of the most erotic things he knew, but that was kind of the problem. He didn’t need any more teasing or foreplay, he just wanted to get to the action.

He was a nice guy though and realised she deserved the same treatment he’d just had, besides which the sex was always far far better when she was fully turned on and in the same state of transcendent arousal he was now in.

He kissed his way down her bare, soft stomach, then up the inside of her thighs, pulling her stretchy, floaty skirt over his head so she couldn’t see what he was doing.

He loved being inside this dark, damp cave filled with the rich, musky scent of her arousal. He kissed her lightly through her silky black panties, feeling the moisture already seeping through and inhaling that wonderful, sexual fragrance.

She sighed as he pulled her panties to one side and ran his tongue along the crease at the top of her thigh, then in just a little more so he was licking the outer lip of her pussy.

He knew this very cautious teasing excited her, so he took his time. Two steps forward, one step back; reaching up towards her clit, but never quite reaching it.

He lapped at the small hollow where her juices had gathered, relishing the sweet taste of her. He’d never realised it could be this pleasurable to give someone else so much pleasure.

He’d been licking and sucking at her now for nearly ten minutes. Not a hugely long time in the scheme of things, but for her it seemed like an eternity, especially because he still hadn’t touched her clit.

Her juices were flowing from her freely, her pussy was dark pink and swollen, her pelvic muscles were pulsing, but still he wouldn’t penetrate her, wouldn’t stroke her clit.

He reappeared from under her skirt, taking a deep breath of cool air after the moist, humid sub-climate he’d been inhabiting.

Immediately she tried to reach her hands down, give herself the satisfaction he had withheld, but he wouldn’t let her, pushing himself up so he was on top of her.

His big, hard cock grazed her pussy, touching her clit at last, but she pulled her hips away.

“Have you got a condom?” She asked, knowing where he kept them and reaching for the drawer herself. She was only asking as a reminder to him.

He pulled back a little so he could see into the drawer, then hesitated. Did he have any?

“Um, I think there might be one in there somewhere. Let me have a look.”

He got off the bed and knelt down by the chest so he could look more thoroughly into the drawer.

Finally he admitted defeat and looked up at Katie with a sort of anguish escort bayan in his eyes.

“I think we must have finished them already. Do you have any left in your room?”

She thought for a second, then shook her head slowly.

“I gave my last one to Amy yesterday. I meant to get some more today, but I forgot. It’s too late now isn’t it?” She said, glancing at the clock as if for confirmation that one in the morning was too late for the doctors’ to be open.

Alistair sat down on the floor with his trousers round his knees and looked almost ready to cry and Katie, on the bed, didn’t look much better.

“I don’t suppose we could go without…?” He suggested, but not with any real hope. She wasn’t on the pill and he was as unready as she was to start procreating.

“Well,” she said slowly, as if still working out the idea as she said it, “there’s one way we could go without. I’ve never tried it, but I always kind of meant to, if you’re up for it?”

He looked at her doubtfully,

“I wouldn’t set much store by the rhythm method if I were you,” he said dubiously, “I’m not sure I have that much self-control.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” She said, laughing at him. “Most guys would jump at the chance! I mean trying… well…” in the face of his innocence she suddenly got embarrassed and settled for a euphemism, “trying an alternative entrance.”

This, combined with a pointed look finally made the situation clear to Alistair.

“You mean up the…”

She nodded.

“Oh. I never really… I mean. Oh.”

He thought for a moment. The harem flickered back into his mind. One of the concubines was leaning forwards now, whilst two of the others pulled the fleshy cheeks of her buttocks apart, exposing a tiny, pink pucker fluttering at him.

Mentally he visualised himself moving towards it, nudging it with the thick tip of his cock, forcing himself inside and feeling the incredibly muscular embrace of her rectum around his throbbing, aching cock.

There was no doubt any more.

“Ok.” He said, with a tremor of excitement in his voice, “if you’re sure.”

“I don’t think I can bear to not be fucked now.” She told him, with a note of desperation. He may have been new to going down, but he was bloody good at it and her whole body cried for a violent release.

“Have you still got that baby oil from when I gave you a massage?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s in the bathroom, why?”

“Because we’re going to need some lubrication. I suppose baby oil will do, I know it dissolves condoms, but that’s not exactly an issue, is it?”

“I guess not,” he said, stripping off his remaining clothes while Katie fetched the oil.

When she got back in she threw a towel onto the bed to protect it, then stripped for him, moving her body in a sinuous, sexual dance and swaying her hips.

She stepped right up to him as he sat on the edge of the bed and poured a small puddle of baby oil into the palm of her cupped hand. Carefully she trickled it over his cock, smoothing the flat of her hand along the shaft, making sure every inch was well coated.

Next she handed the bottle to him and bent over in front of him, lewdly pulling her cheeks apart for him.

The message was unambiguous and he shuddered as he poured the viscous liquid down the crack between her buttocks, then massaged it in towards the little hole, so much like that he had imagined just moments before.

He had fingered her here before, even partially penetrating her with his finger during foreplay, but now, with the lubrication, he could insert his whole finger into the tiny pucker.

He couldn’t believe just how tight it was. He couldn’t imagine getting two fingers in, let alone his big, fat cock. He pulled his finger out, added more oil, then slid two fingers back in.

He twisted them slightly as he did so, trying to ease his entrance and heard her gasp and clamp down on them briefly before forcing herself to relax.

“You’re sure this is ok?” He asked, as he pulled his fingers out of her arse and ran his greasy fingers over the full globes of her buttocks. He loved the way her skin looked, all oiled up and glistening like that.

“Yes,” she said throatily, “I just want you inside me.”

He put his hands on her hips now ad gently pulled her backwards, towards him. He’d put the bottle of oil carefully on the bedside table, he didn’t think they’d need any more, his dick was greasier than an oil tanker and so was her hole.

She was straddling his legs, her hands on his and her knees slightly bent. The tip of his cock was resting against the crack of her bottom and he was trembling with the effort of restraining himself from just ramming it straight in.

Slowly she lowered herself down so his cock pressed more firmly against her. She moved her hand down so it was grasping the slippery shaft of his dick and guided it towards the right spot, then sank down onto it.

He groaned out loud as the tight ring of her rectum grasped onto the bulging head of his cock and she gasped as she felt herself stretched around him.

His cock was so thick she really didn’t know if she could do this. She loved being fingered there, other guys had done it before and it turned her on massively, but she had friends who’d tried this and they said it hurt.

She wasn’t a huge fan of pain, but it was fine so far; more shocking than anything else. Somehow this act felt much more intimate than the simple act of sex.

Her legs trembled as she tried to hold herself up over his legs, then they gave way and she was forcibly lowered down onto his cock in one swift, smooth moment.

His hips bucked as his cock was swallowed into the tight embrace of her arse and he almost came right there. He loved the ridged rings of muscles that massaged his dick. ‘Ridged for his pleasure,’ he thought to himself with a smirk.

Katie had to keep herself from crying out. They’d used so much lubrication that it hadn’t really hurt and she’d managed to keep herself relaxed, but feeling his dick sunk all the way inside that shameful place was so peculiar and so intimate that she felt violated.

Despite how much she had wanted to be penetrated this didn’t really feel that pleasurable, just odd, but then Alistair pushed up on her hips, whilst pulling his own back, then drove into her again.

It was quite a different sensation that time. All the nerve endings were buzzing and she moaned as he withdrew and thrust into her again.

She joined in now, half-rising then sinking down, feeling Alistair’s cock plunge into her arse repeatedly. She started stroking her clit, savouring the pleasure it gave her to be fucked in the arse like this while she played with herself.

There was a full length mirror opposite the part of the bed they were sat on and she looked up now and saw herself. Her legs were apart, her hand stroking rapidly at her pussy and one of her breasts was being squeezed in Alistair’s large hand.

To her imagination you could even seen her distended arsehole as the skin stretched around Alistair’s large, hard dick.

She looked wanton and whoreish and revelled in the slutty image and the shameful delight of doing something so filthy and ‘wrong.’

All the same her cunt ached with emptiness. What she really wanted, as she began the intense build up to orgasm, was another man standing in front of her. Another man with a big thick cock, all hard for her.

This man would kneel down in front of her and slide his dick into her cunt, filling her up entirely with cock. Each of the men inside her would feel the other one through the thin membrane that divided her holes and she would finally be the complete slut she always knew she was.

As her legs tensed and trembled with the onset of her climax a third man appeared in her fantasy. This one, also, had a huge thick cock, but he would stand by her head and force it into her mouth.

She loved the idea of being plundered in every hole by three, strong men, each determined to get his pleasure from her body.

The sensation of Alistair’s cock ramming into her arse blended into the buzzing feelings she created with her fingers on her clit and with an animalistic howl she exploded into orgasm, clenching Alistair inside her so hard his dick went numb before triggering his own enormously powerful orgasm.

She lay back against Alistair’s chest, her body limp and still trembling with the after-shocks of her climax, letting him hold her in his arms.

His erection had faded now, along with the aching longing for release that had been tormenting him all day. As it shrank his semen started to seep, slowly, from Katie’s arse, trickling down over his thighs.

He looked at the pair of them in the mirror. She was prone, her body flaccid with post-coital relief. Her legs were apart, displaying her pink, swollen pussy and the white fluid dripping from her onto his muscled, masculine thighs.

‘She is such a slut,’ he thought, but without judgment. He was discovering his own sexual nature and he understood how all-consuming it could be. Katie was a great first experience, encouraging him on to more adventurous things, but he was getting tired of being submissive due to his ignorance.

He had learnt so much from her. It was time to give his new-found knowledge a test run. He remembered his desire to force his way into her and his cock leapt slightly, even in its state of replete exhaustion.

Perhaps it was time he took the lead…

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