1st Real Monster!!!

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Against Wall

I’ve been a slut for most of my life. I had my anal cherry popped when I was quite young after at least a year of doing other things with a friend. By then I was an accomplished cock-sucker and was ready for it. Within 2 years I’d had my first black cock and was hooked; that was the year that I also experienced my first little gang bang with some friends. My mother confided in me, later in life that, had I been a girl (knowing how much of a slut I was), I would have probably been scandilously pregnant before most had their first kiss.

When this happened I was 18 and the slut switch was stuck ‘on’. Although I would take any cock, in either hole, I was becoming addicted to black cock and, bigger ones – dom black ones. I loved everything about them; the way they smelled, the way they treated me, the larger cocks and, mostly, the way they fucked. Having a black guy treat me like a little white bitch, fuck me raw then fill me with his seed was an addiction. It still is.

This is about my first VERY big black cock; not so much the length of him but the girth of that cock. There are a lot of details that I can’t remember and, while it was going on, I was consumed with a mix of pain, pleasure and sheer pride. I can’t even remember how many times he did me over those few days; I do remember that I was left with my white bitch ‘cunt’ gaping and raw every time.

I had both hands around his cock (my fingers didn’t quite touch due to the girth – except for my thumb and forefinger) and there were still a few inches left over and, that was enough to give me a real mouthful! I’d talked him into this and now, I was trembling like a virgin bride on her wedding night! He wasn’t even completely hard yet. I opened my mouth as far as I could and went down on him; I’d licked and kissed it enough. The fearful feeling was there but also a need; I ‘wanted’ to take that cock, as much as I could handle and, I wanted to satisfy him even if it meant that I’d be walking funny for a few days after.

I’d graduated from Navy Boot Camp a few months before and was stationed in San Diego; the friend who had been giving it to me had been transferred to a service school so I was in need of sex. I’d been to one of the bars that served u******e servicemen on a 3 day liberty; I was there to get picked-up and fucked…this black older sailor was there to pick-up someone to fuck. Yes, he’d warned me that he had a very big cock and had wrecked a few tight young asses with it…I was given the chance to get out of it and didn’t take it.

From there we went to the YMCA and he made sure we got a room together. The rooms were all doubles, 2 beds, we were in the same room. When the door to the room closed behind me is when the trembling started and I had a few second thoughts; it was too late.

Now alone he became very friendly; we sat on the one bed and talked for a little while as he appraised his ‘catch’. I quickly realized that he liked what he saw then, realized it even more as he started to explore my body slowly, tenderly, the way a guy would start a petting session with a girl. It was london escort a typical beginning that I was use to and had been there a hundred times. In a very friendly way he started to undress me, feeling as he went along; I got a small erection from his touch after my pants and shorts were taken down.

I was both electrified by his touch and scared shitless.

It was him who took my hand and put it in his crotch. The bulge that I pressed seemed huge! I had a lump in my throat that I couldn’t swallow, my mouth was dry as hell and I was panting. That was both fear and anticipation. Once I had his cock out the real trembling started; I was gently stroking what was the biggest human cock I’d ever touched! He was simply FUCKING huge!

The stripping and petting continued until I was nude; along the way he did a little light kissing, explained that he would take his time and try to be as gentle as he could be.

“You know I’m gonna’ stretch that little cunt of yours out a lot…I’ll take it slow and easy ‘til you can take it and…I want to see how much of me you can take. I want you to suck on me a little first and don’t worry…we got a lot of lube for that little hole of yours.”

We both knew that my end would be more pain than pleasure. What I would have, in the (sore gaping) end, was a sense of pride. The one thing I did have in my favor was, we spoke the same language, not like my first time penetration with our Shetland pony! I could ask him to stop, slow down or anything else…he’d understand.

I sucked for a while which got him a little harder and, of course, bigger then we spent some time rolling around on the bed getting to know each other a little better. He spent a lot of time getting to know my little ‘cunt’; first some hard pumping with one finger then a second one. I concerned myself with playing with the object that would provide a little pleasure and a lot of pain in the near future. He did ask me how I wanted to take it to begin; I figured that the missionary position would be good enough. That way I could be free to reach back and pull my cheeks apart and I was pretty sure I’d be doing that! There was more finger-fucking but now with a lot of lube; I had the pleasure of lubing that big hunk of cock up. There was no thought of a condom; if I was going to take him I wanted his seed, all of it.

Now I was panting; excited, scared and wanting all at the same time!

I got into position for him to mount me, pulling my legs up and bending my knees, rolled my hips then, grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart as far as I could. After he teased me with the head for a while he finally shoved it against my waiting rectum and pushed a little; I held my cheeks apart and strained like I was trying to have a BM as he pushed. As the head slipped in there was some pain; I started working my sphincter, clinching and relaxing it hard. Past the head he was thicker and that’s when the pain started; as I was forced apart it felt like I was being ripped open! When I cried out he stopped and smiled down at me, allowed me to work my little ring of london escort agency muscle more then pushed again saying, ‘You got half of it.’

I could feel that he was re-arranging everything inside of me!

The cramps started next and the first ones were pretty bad! I just tried to relax as much as possible. My head was pounding, my ‘cunt’ was on fire and I was having trouble getting my breath. He kept giving me cock until I had to beg him to stop. The pain had me tearing-up. He did stop, still grinning at me but said, ‘You’re doing damned good for a little bitch; others been screaming their heads off by now.’

I’d been squealing and gasping like hell – stifling things because I didn’t want everyone in the Y to know I was losing my cherry hard for the third time – I’d been doing it through clenched teeth.

Very slowly the cramps went away, I relaxed a little more and was given more cock. It felt like I had a hot telephone pole shoved up my ass but…in a way it also felt good. He hit bottom at about 10 inches; not hard but, hard enough to get a good loud squeal of pain from me! I put one hand over my mouth and clamped it hard; he pushed my legs up a little more and told me that there were still a few inches of cock left. The cramps came back again before he started to pull back – that felt like my guts were being sucked out! They eased as he did until only the head was inside. He waited until I sucked a few deep hard breaths then started in again. I let out one long hard squeal as he filled me, took the cramps and him hitting bottom deep inside me again (with a muffled cry of pain now).

He was ‘milking’ me too. After a few minutes of long steady fucking my little limp cock was lying in a small puddle of cum. I had never been ‘long dicked’ like this though; every stroke was agonizingly slow and deliberate. I could feel almost every vein and bump on that beautiful massive cock as he slowly slipped out then eased back in. I felt him rubbing the inside of my colon as he kept at it and, when he gently hit bottom, he gave one final little push before pulling back. The pain in my rectum came and went but I knew that I was about stretched to the limit; it felt like it was turned inside out and raw.

I was a steady stream of panting, moaning, gasping and squealing as it went on. He knew that part of me was enjoying it and the other part wanted to stop and get away. I knew he was enjoying it because of the smile and hard grunts – his throaty moans and the way he slapped the hell out of my ass once in a while.

I really wanted to stay.

My cunt as well as the spot at the end of my colon was getting pretty sore. One was uncomfortable, the other was raging and I was still being slowly milked of my cum. Our bodies were making contact on about every long slow penetration; not hard contact but enough for me to know that I was taking almost all of him – shit, that was something like 13 inches! That, along with all of the noise I was making should have been making him happy as hell…I think it was. He then decided it was time to change positions.

When escort london he pulled out and rolled me onto my side it suddenly felt like I was empty; I could also feel the sensation of my gaping ‘cunt’, god was I ever gaping. I clinched my cheeks and it felt like I was making things worse, tingling, burning and cracking all at the same time. He moved in behind me and gently penetrated me again, easing about half of his cock in before he stopped. Now, in this position, I could feel the head poking around inside. The pain was down to a steady burn and he was rubbing my prostate…hell, everything that wasn’t his cock was pushed against it and moved when his cock did. I gasped and moaned/squealed like a good little bitch while he slowly fucked away. There was no hurry; he was loving this and we had all night.

I had been ‘milked’ while on my back; now, with him rubbing my ‘G’ spot the other feeling started to build. At first just a little ‘tingle’ then it became overwhelming at the speed of light. The feeling that you’re going to have an orgasm – during anal sex – begins with the feeling that you have to pee. I tried to relax and just let it build, let nature take its course and, have a nice one. It was far from that; everything that he was doing with that cock increased the intensity of it.

It climaxed with me frantically groping around for a pillow while I moaned and panted like a dog!

I was seeing spots, my vision was blurred and it felt like I was going to explode! I moved around a little so that his cock was rubbing the same spot over and over…I do know that I was shaking like hell, moaning and squealing but, I didn’t want the feeling to end. He slowly nudged me in the right spot and kept the head there, right there, moving it slowly. I sucked one last long breath as everything below my waist contracted hard one last time then covered my face with the pillow just in time! Overwhelmed by the feeling of the orgasm I screamed! There was no other way to handle it; it consumed my entire body along with my brain.

And I kept screaming while wave after wave ripped through my young body! I’d been milked pretty well while I was on my back so there weren’t more than a few drops of cum…it was all just the very intense feeling that kept going and going.

When I finally returned from Jupiter or wherever I’d gone his arms were around me and his cock was buried as deep as he could get it in that position (or…I’d pushed back to take it deeper). I was impaled on him.

Once I calmed down I was rolled onto my back, my legs pushed up and spread for his turn. Completely worn out by then I just let him take me; easing in slowly, burying his cock then starting to fuck all over again. It seemed to last forever but now, stretched out good, I could begin to enjoy it a little more. I locked my legs around him, clung to his arms and tried to control the volume of my lust as he pounded me like I was a piece of meat.

In the end I had my hands over my mouth again, screaming like a whore, while he finished deep and hard. He buried himself after one brutally deep thrust, stayed nice and deep then filled me with his nice load of black seed!

After all that’s what it’s about; submit, obey, take the black cock and the man’s rich black seed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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